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About The Virtual Influencer

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I'm a virtual girl. I’m interested in Japanese culture, film and art. Management: @aww.tokyo | ZEPETO ID: 0JEP4P

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July 12, 2018

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Tokyo, Japan

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imma (meaning “now” in Japanese) is the first virtual human and model in Japan, produced by Aww Inc.

Rocking the infamous bubble gum pink bob and ultra fine fashion, she was selected for “New 100 Talent To Watch” by Japan Economics Entertainment, and has appeared in numerous headlines from fashion to business magazines, TV and online, as well as being cast for top brands such as Porsche Japan, IKEA, Dior, Puma, Nike, Valentino, Amazon, Calvin Klein, Valentino...the list goes on.

Her curious personality makes her question even her own identity with the hashtag #ithinkimcgi and carries her to art museums and exploring fashion in her endeavor to discover herself through human culture. She is also curious about certain world's problems like race, environment, and gender, as she finds her voice among the virtual and real world.

Join her on her journey to Aww-striking the world.