he fashion world holds a steadfast adoration for virtual influencers. Imma, a self-described virtual girl, took an unexpected part in Masayuki Ino’s Doublet 2022 to 2023 Fall-Winter collection, held this past January 23 in Paris. Ino’s aptly titled “This is Me” was a bold exploration of identity and inclusion in a rapidly digitized world, as he cast a diverse variety of models for the show.

Imma was omnipresent, however. Models sported masks to look like Imma, homogenizing this virtual girl with real world surrogates. Ino’s concept was bold and innovative. He masterfully blurred the lines between the real and virtual worlds, creating what he referred to as a super-analog version of the metaverse.

"Doublet and I have been talking a lot about diversity and inclusivity, especially in this digital age. It was my privilege to be an inspiration [and] partner in crime for this crazy show," says Imma.

The collection video featured a set transformed into a Shibuya turnstile with multiple embodiments of Imma in the scramble crossing, featuring her rose-colored trademark hair and face.

“We feel this was super exciting as we got the chance to explore the metaverse, fashion, and Imma as an IP and existence all in one crazy fashion show,” noted Sara Giusto, a producer at Aww Tokyo, Imma’s parent company. “It also explored important themes of diversity, inclusivity, and just being who you are, using models with different shapes, forms, gender, sexual orientation.”

Virtual influencer Imma is no stranger to fashion collaborations. Her characteristic bubble gum pink bob has appeared in many top brand campaigns with Dior, Puma, Nike, and Valentino.

Three photos of models wearing Imma's face and wig on the runway at PFW

With more than 350,000 followers on Instagram, Imma has been long sought after by brands that want to explore the growing phenomenon of virtual influencers and connect with a younger audience by doing so.

In today’s rapidly changing digital society, online expression and the concept of identity in the virtual world has become more apropos than ever. With an existentialism-inspired hashtag #ithinkimcgi, Imma reveals her curiosity about, and exploration of, identity. This exploration is one of her unique methods of establishing herself in human culture while still maintaining her defining, virtual essence.

It’s no wonder her name means “now” in Japanese; after all, Imma is a child of the present.

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