he emerging virtual influencer industry continues a sure, steady rise. With every passing week, a new virtual influencer appears in a partnership, a video game teaser, a hit song, or a "Hello, World!" social post. As more marketers, brands, and creators realize the diverse applications of virtual influencers, more dollars are being spent on bringing these mixed reality beings "online."

A major driver of virtual influencer industry growth are individual wins by each virtual influencer team. With every virtual influencer who secures a partnership, drops a song, poses with a celebrity, or creates a viral post, the industry is validated in real time. These live case studies drive the aforementioned marketers, brands, and creators to hop off the fence and actually make a commitment to a virtual influencer, be that through investment, partnership, or creation.

I have countless conversations with the curious-at-heart about the industry, and they all share the same exact trait: they want to wait for some bigger win to be reached, some further validation to arise, some bigger publication to acknowledge the space, or some larger company to launch a virtual influencer before they, themselves, commit to the space.

The truth is, we are already there. We are beyond. This summer alone, IKEA showcased imma's real life, FN Meka topped 4M followers on TikTok, the World Health Organization tapped Knox Frost to battle COVID-19, Miquela released multiple new tracks, Shudu partnered majorly with Samsung, Riot Games released their impending League of Legends champion, Seraphine, on social media as a virtual influencer... and now my fingers hurt from spelling out all these examples.

What further verification of the opportunity do you need? Get educated on this industry and take action while the ocean is still blue for trailblazing, capitalizing, and defining.

As of today, 122 notable virtual influencers use social media to tell life stories on social media. Today we are excited to welcome 26 newfound virtuals to VirtualHumans.org in our ongoing mission to document, cultivate, and empower the industry. This follows at the heels of our welcoming 17 newfound virtual influencers just three months ago.

If you have any questions, such as 'What is this all about?" or "Why not just partner with a real human?" — reach out.

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