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songwriter + producer + feeling catcher // K/DA collab 2020 🌟

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Seraphine is a virtual influencer and artist in association with Riot Games. As a virtual artist, she will have many collaborators that help bring her to life musically, vocally, and artistically. As of June 2020, she operates three social media platforms (Twitter, Instagram, and Soundcloud) where she shares her music, thoughts on her daily life, and now, her collaboration with K/DA. Her initial partners, Jasmine Clarke, Absofacto, and Kosuke Kasza, helped voice and produce Seraphine’s covers and songs on social media. Her last name is Song.

She is rumored to be League of Legends' next champion, which can be backed up by leading captions such as "let's just say my focus is fire 🔥" found on her Instagram.

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June 26, 2020

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Los Angeles, CA

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