he virtual influencer industry is growing in popularity. From increasing headcount to increasing follower counts, virtual influencers are steadily becoming more normalized in society. In the last 18 months, 51 new virtual influencers were brought to life on social media, more than doubling the total population. Today, 95 virtual influencers exist (with at least 1,000 followers).

While many believe Lil Miquela was the first virtual influencer ever made, the more we dig the more we learn just how many virtual influencers have lived behind the scenes for years. Two of the earliest virtual influencers, AI Angelica and Anna Cattish, are still making content to this day. One, Hatsune Miku, is Japan's biggest pop star.

Today, we're welcoming 17 newfound virtual influencers to VirtualHumans.org in our ongoing mission to document, cultivate, and empower the virtual influencer industry. Before we get into the list, we'd like to extend a thank you to those individuals who regularly bring new virtuals to our attention. If you are interested in supporting our mission in this way, or others, reach out. Now... 

Meet Maya Gram

Maya Gram, a virtual influencer based in southeast Asia, works as a brand ambassador for Puma. Her futuristic fashion sense separates her from the virtual influencer pack. 

Meet Serah Reikka

Serah Reikka is a French virtual influencer and model who enjoys traveling and video games.

Meet J-Nice Prempelli

J-Nice Prempelli is a virtual influencer who exists to push boundaries. Her previous Instagram account was disabled due to sharing more risqué, digital posts. 

Meet Ana Tobor 

Ana Tobor is Romania’s foremost virtual influencer. Her modeling work is varied, and she stays quite active on Instagram Stories. 

Meet Ella Stoller 

Ella Stoller is a virtual influencer who brands herself as a digital model. She is active on both Instagram and TikTok—though, her Instagram is private. Here's a preview.

Ella Stoller

Meet Ilona

Ilona is a virtual influencer targeted at children. She is remarkable for her high quality vlog, music, and video work.

Meet Blu

Blu is a virtual influencer who does not try to be realistic in image. While he has real things to say, Blu is very much up front about being a cartoon. 

Meet Ono Gram 

Ono Gram is a virtual influencer interested in abstract art and what it truly means to be human. 

Meet WarNymph

WarNymph is musician Grimes’ virtual influencer who somewhat resembles her, while also being her own self. Her style is centered around science fiction and the fantastical. 

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Elf-tech 🧝🏻‍♀️🪐💊

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Meet Hripsy and Colina 

Hripsy and Colina are twin virtual influencers who are quite interested in fashion. These virtual models are the digital twins of Colina Demirdjian and Hripsime Demirdjian.

Hripsy and Colina

Meet Kira Faux

Kira Faux is Russia’s first digital model and virtual influencer. Her expressionistic work earned her representation by a modeling agency. 

Meet Anna Cattish

Anna Cattish is a virtual influencer and artist whose work is mainly in sketches and cartoons. She is part of a visual label and has quite the sizable following. 

Meet Suzu Chi

Suzu Chi is a virtual influencer who has chosen to eschew some of the more normal virtual influencer trends. Suzu resembles a rabbit creature rather than a person. He/it loves hip-hop. 

Meet AI Angelica 

AI Angelica is a virtual influencer whose social presence is community funded through Patreon. She is a very active gamer, meme-maker, and notorious YouTuber.

Meet Dana Beauvoir 

Dana Beauvoir is a Paris-based virtual influencer who also happens to be a climate change and clean living advocate. She regularly shares best practice tips as well as healthy meal ideas. 

Meet Barbie

Barbie is a virtual influencer who represents everything about the Barbie dolls toy-line and the various TV and YouTube shows centered around the IP. She is quite active on both Instagram and YouTube—her YouTube videos are especially popular.

Meet Esther Olofsson

Esther Olofsson is a Swedish virtual influencer who is as up front about being virtual as she is happy and care-free. She posts often about both fashion and food.

If you want to learn how to create a virtual influencer, email christopher@virtualhumans.org and we will get you up to speed.

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