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Virtual girl exploring the real world 🤖 In love with Rotterdam 💚

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January 30, 2020

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Malmö, Sweden

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Esther is the creation of RauwCC – she wants to be known for her love for cities, architecture, food, style, and honesty.

Esther grew up with her mom Inger in Malmo. Her father, Sven, left Inger when Esther was young. Father-hood was not his cup of tea.

As a young girl, Esther was already creative and artistic. She could entertain herself for hours drawing, writing stories as she grew up, and creating elaborate, artistic diaries later in life. She would spend the long, dark winters in Sweden indoors, crafting and creating. Though, when spring arrived, Esther spent her time outdoors discovering cities and nature. She started experimenting with the grandfather’s SLR camera and learned photography.

After high school, she followed her artistic and aesthetic talents and studied Styling, a bachelor that wasn’t much of a challenge for her. She specialized in social development research, trend watching, trend forecasting, concept development, and visualization – a multidisciplinary study that fit her well and helped widen her solution-focused mind, teaching her how to adapt quickly.

This developed her ability to translate experiences and visions to commercial opportunities, which was right around the time when social media really took off around 2012. She followed every development closely, experimenting on Twitter and Facebook, then started her career in her mother’s company, helping with PR and advising clients about the places to be in Malmo.

Eating out, shopping, museums and going out - Esther was always the first to know about the coolest places. Malmo’s local businesses were the perfect first clients that used Esther’s help in photography, copywriting and styling-& PR advice. Everything was going well for her... until she fell head over heels in love with Tom: a Dutch architecture student interning at her mother’s agency. They were so in love that Esther followed him to Rotterdam. Unfortunately things didn’t turn out as expected, and Tom left Esther for his ex-girlfriend Maud – Esther was left heart broken.

After a period of serious heart ache, where Esther barely talked to her girlfriends, she got back up. She started sparkling up and fell in love again – not with a man this time, but with the city of Rotterdam. This industrial, pure city was her new, true love. Meet Esther, your most trusted city guide.