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Meme lord and gamer girl made possible by the generous support of fans like you through Patreon where I share my most exclusive content.

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AI Angelica is created, operated, and owned by someone under the alias Rogue Shadow. In the description of Rogue Shadow's old YouTube channel, you can find "This is the official 'reborn' Rogue Shadow channel. Selected content from my old Rogue Shadow channel will be re-uploaded here as time goes on, as well as possibly some new snippets of stuff I just feel like sharing/documenting from my casual online/gaming experiences. I (Rogue) am currently dedicated to my current project AiAngel, which is what displaced this channels original platform. To all the fans and viewers who enjoyed my VR and VRChat content, as well as all the wacky miscellaneous stuff in-between, thank you. Just know I'm working on much more exciting stuff now but my Rogue Shadow community and viewers were such a great part of my growing experience."

AI Angelica is represented by Unknown Agency, a "new agency that specializes in promoting brands through YouTube gaming agency built for influencers by influencers." founded by Luke Smeep.

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July 15, 2010

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