he first post you ever make on social media sets the stage of what your account is meant to represent. Virtual influencers are inherently captivating, and even more captivating is the moment these digital beings first "come to life."

Much like a robot may output “Hello, World!” to announce presence, virtual influencer creators leverage the first post to demo connection to the digital world. These introductory posts play the same role as the first page in a book, the opening scene to a film, or the first verse in a song.

Out of curiosity, we sought out and aggregated some of the top virtual influencers’ very first Instagram posts. Let’s see how each decided to first make their presence known: 

1. Lil Miquela toys with makeup

2. Barbie announces her new show

3. Colonel Sanders brings the heat

4. Knox Frost looks out at his city

5. Daisy Yoox announces her collab

6. Noonoouri says goodbye to NYC

7. Seraphine smiles for the world

8. Bee Influencer takes a selfie

9. Bermuda gets up close and personal

10. imma gram candidly models a dress

11. Shudu Gram captivates the cam

12. K/DA announces their new single

13. FN Meka drips in gold

14. Blawko serves mystery

15. Hripsy and Colina lounge around

16. Qai Qai reads up on Queen Bey

17. Mar.ia enjoys the sun

18. Binxie casts a glance

19. Teflon Sega takes on Times Square

20. Ion Gottlich gets his daily protein shake in

21. Plustic Boy goes on a camping trip

22. Zoe Dvir attends a workout class

23. Ai Angelica strikes a pose

24. Aliza Rex models

25. Ruby Green enters with emotion


New virtual influencers are created every month. What will your virtual influencers’ first post be? If you want to partner with or create a virtual influencer, reach out.

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