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I’m the 1st bee influencer! 🐝✨ Follow me guys: the more followers I have, the more we will save bees! #BeeFund x @fondationdefrance

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April 28, 2019

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Paris, France

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B, while not human, is the the first influencing bee. He or she wants to please brands around the world to raise money to save the bees, many of which disappear every year. B says "I need you: the more Instagram followers I have, the more brands will be interested and the more money I will make." Projects are selected by B and will be funded by paid partnerships on B's Instagram account.

Bees are essential for maintaining the balance of ecosystems and our agriculture. They have an essential mission: pollination which allows plants to reproduce. In France, more than 30% of bee colonies disappear each year. Protecting the bee also means protecting humans. 24% of bees die in Europe every year. 84% of wild and cultivated flowering plants depend on pollination (source: European Union). 75% of the world's agricultural crops are pollinated by bees.

With 50 years of experience, the Fondation de France supports generosity and guarantees its effectiveness. It created the BEE FUND and @bee_nfluencer in order to finance the actions considered to be the most fundamental and urgent in the protection of all species of bees.