ne of the more wholesome virtual influencers we're tracking may be tiny, but their following is large and their ambition to save the world is even larger. Bee Influencer, or just “B”, was the first cause-driven, animalistic being to emerge in the virtual influencer space, setting a strong example for humanitarian organizations moving forward.

Fondation de France represents B on their grander mission to support a desire to take useful and effective actions on behalf of the general interest, creating a more just society. B’s existence in this equation is simple: please brands around the world in order to raise money to save bees as the global population declines year by year.

B takes a selfie.

So far, B has been an influential force when it comes to raising awareness for the cause, reaching nearly 300k Instagram followers and numerous appearances in the news, allowing Fondation de France to propel the “save the bees” message. The more followers B earns, the more they will save the bees. 

Today, I am excited to learn more about B, their mission, and what it’s like being the world’s first bee influencer. 

Hey B—so great to meet you! What’s the latest buzz in your community?

Hey! Nice to meet you, too. I don't know if this is really the latest buzz, but my sisters and I listen to Beeyonce all the time! As soon as COVID allows it, I can't wait to see them again so we can shake our little stings together! My favorite song is "Run the World (Beeees)".

B and sisters.

She's Queen B! I'm curious, why did you get an Instagram in the first place?

Instagram seemed like the best platform for me to express myself; both to transmit a message and sensitize the most people on the disappearance of bees, but also to collect money to support concrete action. On Instagram, we like fashion, cooking, etc, and we subscribe to celebrities, singers, dancers, bloggers. Thanks to the subscribers and the likes they receive, brands pay them! So, why not me? 😊

The mechanics are simple. The more people to follow me on Instagram, the more influential I become, and the more brands will want to establish sponsored collaborations with me. The money is entirely returned to the BEEFUND in order to finance concrete projects to save bees.

Like all influencers on Instagram, I share content about my daily routine, lifestyle, and travels. But, I’m not an influencer like the others—I also publish educational content on bee protection.

B works it out!

You’re floating towards 300k captivated fans—impressive! What’s been a major learning along the way?

First of all, I would like to thank my followers! Reading the question, I just realized there are almost 300,000 of us! This number is so huge that it's abstract, isn't it crazy?

Through this great adventure, I learned that "When there's a will there's a way!" Of course, the fight is far from over, but I am proud to gather so many people around a cause that seems right to me and essential for everyone.

That's wonderful! Who inspires you when creating content for Instagram?

It's important for me to act as a "real" influencer. I take inspiration from their poses, attitudes, codes, and lifestyle to attract their attention, but also to help brands put themselves in potential collaborations.

Let’s dive into your mission. What role do bees play in the bigger picture?

Bees are dying and few of us really realize the impact their disappearance could have. Today, 24% of bees disappear every year in Europe, even though 75% of the world's agricultural crops are pollinated by bees. Without bees, no vegetables, no chocolate, no coffee, no clothes and the list goes on and on... A terrible fact for the fauna, the flora, and the humanity in a global way.

The Fondation de France decided to help me in my fight to save bees by becoming my godmother and creating the BEEFUND, a charitable fund that supports crucial initiatives dedicated to the protection of my sisters, the bees. 🙏

B in a grand hall.

What else does Fondation de France do, other than work to save the bees?

For 50 years, the Fondation de France has been committed to the environment: preserving biodiversity, understanding ecosystems, developing harmonious relations between Humanity and nature... it's a long-term commitment.

The Fondation de France has a program dedicated to the environment with 4 orientations: coast and sea protection, sustainable food production, agroforestry, ecological transition. The Fondation de France has also developed a unique know-how, relying on the best experts, hundreds of volunteers, and thousands of actors in the field, in all areas of public interest: aid vulnerable people, medical research, environment, culture, education, etc.

The Fondation intervenes in two ways: through its own action programs and by facilitating the work of the 888 foundations it houses. It supports nearly 10,000 projects each year. The Fondation de France is the leading philanthropy network in France, present in all territories. Independent and private, it receives no grants and acts only thanks to the generosity of donors and testers.

B relaxing.

Amazing. Have you had success working with brands so far?

I organized around my fight thanks to my followers who are waiting for each of my posts with impatience :)

The brands—committed to a program and actions in favor of biodiversity—came naturally to me. Today, more than ten brands support me (La Poste, Airbnb, Galeries Lafayette, Guerlain, Ricola, Burt's Bees, Fleurs d'ici, Team Vitality, BeeHome, and Citeo). Finally, all the brands and projects are validated by the Fondation de France.

Each partnership can give rise to different types of collaboration: posts and stories on Instagram, but also film production, participation in events, etc. We have some very nice partnerships coming up... but an influencer doesn't reveal all her secrets. Stay tuned.

If you had the attention of every influencer in the world, what would you say?

Please save the bees! 🙏

• Cultivate a garden for bees and pollinating insects, sow wild flowers such as mellifers (poppies, periwinkle or cardoons).

• Provide a water point for bees or install an insect hotel.

• Eating organic, seasonal and preferably local. It contributes to bee preservation.

B takes a selfie.

What advice do you have for someone who may feel singular or small?

You have to trust yourself, it is not because you are small or anonymous that your voice doesn't count. If you have an idea or a message to convey, if you find the right words, then thousands of people will join you!

If a small, 1.5 centimeter bee has managed to gather almost 300,000 people, then what are you capable of at 1.65 meters tall?

What’s one thing you want all your fans to know about you?

First is I have succeeded in raising the awareness of more than 280,000 people to support me in my fight. Second, of course, is I have already managed to finance 3 projects and soon a 4th one!

So a big thank you to my followers!!! A small, 1.5 centimeter bee cannot do anything alone.💛 💛 💛 💛

Last, but not least—who are you, B?

I am B. the first bee influencer on Instagram and ambassador of the Fondation de France. 🙂  I use my reputation and community to raise awareness, to alert as many people as possible to the urgency of the bee situation, and also to support the cause through brand sponsored partnerships via my BEEFUND. Please follow me: @bee_nfluencer 🙏 Bzzzz Bzzzz 💛

Thank you, B!

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