As you know, our mission is to document, cultivate, and empower the virtual influencer industry.

We make an immense effort to shine a light on the virtual influencer industry—to cultivate a place for creative trailblazers to reach brands, collaborate with others, and ultimately grow their legitimacy and reach.

Towards that end, I am pleased to announce a first-of-its-kind learning opportunity for those looking for exposure to the virtual influencer industry as a whole, directly from the masterminds building it and the avatars populating it.

We offer a unique opportunity to hear from our site’s originator and leading avatar expert, Christopher Travers, as well as Krister Karjalainen (previously Nokia, Samsung, and P&G), an lastly, a virtual human named Zero, who will personally engage with the aforementioned (and your messages in chat) during this webinar experience.

Christopher and Krister will guide you through an intro and overview of the virtual influencer industry as it stands today, give you a glimpse into how other brands have successfully activated in the space, and then dive deeper into the industry's future as it intersects with other important elements such as gaming, streaming, and live shopping.

Then, the two will introduce Zero: a real-time, fully-3D, high-quality virtual influencer with whom you can interact and ask questions directly!

The webinar will take place on September 22nd, 2022 at 2 pm EST.

Find the registration link here.

We look forward to seeing you there!

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