uperplastic is a global entertainment brand influencing 5M+ followers across their virtual influencer universe. The Superplastic platform includes imaginative Instagram and TikTok characters Janky and Guggimon, and today we are excited to unveil the addition of Dayzee, Staxx, Pandakat, Kranky, and Shüdog to the Superplastic roster.

These character drops come in tandem with the news of Superplastic's $6M funding round, led by Google Ventures and supported by top investors in entertainment and technology including Craft Ventures, Founders Fund, Justin Timberlake, Chainsmokers, Betaworks, Scott Belsky, and many others.

Superplastic last raised a $10M Series A in late July 2019 from Craft Ventures, Founders Fund's Cyan Banister, Global Village, Betaworks, Index Ventures, Canaan, Scooter Braun, Kevin Weil, Scott Belsky, Shrug Capital, and others.

Superplastic introduces Dayzee and Staxx

Superplastic produced and sold millions of dollars in limited-edition designer toys and apparel in 2020 alone. It's widely known Superplastic toy drops typically sell out in minutes, which is to be expected from collaborations with the likes of J.Balvin, Gorillaz, Rico Nasty, Saint Jhn, Steve Aoki—and many others.

As is the shared vision of the most ambitious virtual influencer companies leading the industry, Superplastic is expanding into experiences in music, animation, and product that straddles real and virtual worlds; TV offers from major networks and a film deal are in the works as well.

TV offers from major networks and a film deal are in the works as well.

In regards to today's Dayzee and Staxx character drops, you can follow along with their storyline here as they join ranks with Janky and Guggimon.

Superplastic crew poses

As our readers and other industry insiders know, a key driver of success in virtual influencer marketing is rooted in the ability to tell a captivating story. That being said, here's what you should know about this duo: These NYC-based, fashion-obsessed waitresses find new work as minimum wage celebrity zombie hunters. Dayzee is a PHD-recipient in aerospace engineering and can be a shameless flirt. Her sweet, serendipitous facade is hypnotic – as the designer weapons she creates are fatal (to the undead). She is a shrilling cacophony of seduction, destruction, glitter, and gore.  Her heroes are Rihanna, Rei Kawakubo, and The Rock. Playlist favorites include Jhene Aiko, Miguel, and Princess Nokia.

As for Staxx, she's a a necrotic weapons and combat specialist. She is abhorrent, adorable and wicked. Her enemies call her contemptible, but Staxx's friends consider her faithful and contagiously charming. Her heroes are Kurt Cobain and Nesferatu, and the playlist she listens to most starts with Bauhaus and ends with FKA Twigs. Never cross her or her inner circle, her revenge tactics are perilously avant-garde. To Staxx, all is fair in love and war.

Dayzee and Staxx

Superplastic Founder & CEO Paul Budnitz tells us "Fans who follow the unhinged mishaps of Janky & Guggimon can now connect with Dayzee & Staxx on Instagram too, and join in as they hunt the undead, create high-end fashion weaponry, and struggle to pay the rent while working at Miss Fortunes Restaurant in Chinatown NYC.”

He went on to say, “Like their heroes Rihanna, Rei Kawakubo, and The Rock, they’re tastemakers and tough motherfuckers. They’re the new driving force as Superplastic pushes the limits of storytelling, celebrity, and limited edition products using new media."

The Superplastic crew in true form

We are eager to see how the new $6M round fuels Superplastic's growth and, ultimately, the growth of the virtual influencer industry as a whole. Stay tuned.

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