he virtual influencer industry continues to grow. More creators, brands, and influencers are realizing the opportunity of character driven storytelling on social media as a medium to captivate and excite a fandom. Fans are made full by immersion (escapism), stimulation (video, glance value), relatability (emotion), ownership (control), exclusivity (community), and accessibility (popular platforms), and virtual influencers are a feasible medium prime for tapping into all of these.

Today, in our ongoing mission to document, cultivate, and empower the virtual influencer industry, we're welcoming 29 newfound virtual influencers to VirtualHumans.org. Notably, you may recognize key names such as Twitch streamer CodeMiko or Blu from YouTube channel Xanadu, whom we've been tracking for some time and only recently decided to bring onto our directory as we ponder the role of the human controller in the fictional storyline (read: technician).

Many virtual influencers are making a leap into motion, and I cannot understate the prevalence of the video medium for creating immersive, emotional, and attention-keeping experiences. Through video, you can tell a better story and inherently give your virtual characters more life—this medium is crucial for building fandom. I predict in our next update sometime next year, you will see even more virtual influencers operating on video.

Our team is excited to showcase the creativity on display by these 29 newfound virtual influencers, bringing the total number of virtual influencers in our roster to 214 as of today, with a confidence there are more we have yet to discover and others with more ambiguous definitions than our own. Thank you Makena Rasmussen for collaborating with me to bring this piece and all the associated virtual influencers' profiles to life.

Without any further ado, let’s meet the newest class of virtual influencers.

Meet CB of Casas Bahias

Total fans: 10 Million

Meet CodeMiko

Total fans: 1.7 Million

Meet Polar

Total fans: 342k

Meet Blu

Total fans: 131k

Meet Kuki AI

Total fans: 123k

Meet Lucy

Total fans: 58k

Meet Rui

Total fans: 48k


Total fans: 46k


Total fans: 29k

Meet Lesha

Total fans: 27k


Total fans: 27k

Meet Sua

Total fans: 23k

Meet Alara X

Total fans: 22k

Meet Rip Nyx

Total fans: 21k

Meet Mia

Total fans: 20k

Meet Belle

Total fans: 18k

Meet AI Ailynn

Total fans: 11k

Meet Ayayi

Total fans: 10k

Meet Dadeko

Total fans: 10k

Meet Wunni

Total fans: 6k

Meet Sanyue

Total fans: 5k

Meet Mikirah Muse

Total fans: 4k

Meet Han YuA

Total fans: 3k

Meet Astra Starr

Total fans: 3k

Meet Ricky DB

Total fans: 3k

Meet Eyra

Total fans: 3k

Meet Maie

Total fans: 2k

Meet The Curse

Total fans: 1k

Meet Jessica the Android

Total fans: 1k

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