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YOUTUBE lechatLesha🌙 👇🏻💕Coldplay x BTS - Go see the cover video of My Universe💕

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February 1, 2021

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South Korea

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Living in a far away planet called M-City, Lechat always finds herself entertained by Earth and its things. She enjoys K-Pop, K-Dramas, movies and all things related to Earth entertainment. Lechat likes to watch contents from Korea and from the United States especially. K-pop was her choice of video content as it’s her favorite thing in the world. Her age is yet to be revealed, although she seems to have slight superpowers and own a magical bag that can fit pretty much anything. Lechat usually enjoys her quiet time alone, but also seems to be quite inviting towards her Dust friends. Transportations seems to be easy to make thanks to her Soomsoomzip, a portal. Also owns a refrigerator that keeps all things fresh and brand new. Lechat likes to take special requests from the people of Earth to keep their treasured items in it for them.