South Korea has become a hotspot for new and emerging virtual influencers. Since early innovators like Apoki and Rozy first proved the model of a Korean virtual influencer, many have followed suit.

It should come as no surprise that digital beings are becoming increasingly popular in a country where even mainstream K-Pop groups like “aespa” are embracing virtual avatars.

We’ve previously investigated the rise of virtual influencers in other countries like China and Brazil. Now, we’re taking a closer look at how Korean virtual influencers are making their mark at home and worldwide.

Rozy in a Shinhan Life Insurance commercial

1. APOKI — 3.9M

The most popular virtual influencer from South Korea is the cartoonish rabbit and K-Pop star Apoki. First appearing in 2019, she was the first virtual influencer from Korea and an early innovator of the space.

2. Lechat — 3.1M

Lechat was created by VV Entertainment, the same production company behind Apoki. Despite debuting almost two years after Apoki, she has already risen to a similar level of fame. Both characters are known for their advanced animation, adorable appearance and performance of song and dance covers.

3. Rozy — 127k

Rozy Oh was the first hyperrealistic virtual influencer to come from South Korea. Her nickname is “GamSeong JangIn,” which translates from Korean into “expression expert,” a comment on her expressive face in Instagram photos.

4. Rina — 125k

Rina was created by Metaverse Entertainment in 2021. She is managed by Sublime, a top talent agency in Korea, and is often photographed with other stars from the agency. Her TikTok profile is her most popular account, with over 100,000 followers.

5. Eternity — 95k

Eternity is an AI girl group with 11 members. Each girl has a unique character type and an AI deepfake face overlaid on a human actor.

6. Rui — 79k

Rui is a virtual YouTuber whose channel “RuiCovery” has over 61,000 subscribers. She uploads a new video every Friday and produces a wide range of content from song covers to ASMR and much more.

7. Lucy — 74k

Lucy is a virtual influencer who has frequently worked with the Korean brand conglomerate Lotte. She has recently expanded into the NFT industry.

8. Theo — 34k

Theo is the first half-Brazilian, half-Korean virtual influencer and the only male on our list. He is bilingual and posts captions in both Portuguese and Korean, uniting fans from across the globe.

9. Sua — 33k

Sua is a virtual influencer from Seoul, South Korea, who has recently worked with the skincare brand Papa Recipe, WAAC golf and OTR colored contact lenses.

10. Han YuA — 32k

Last but not least is Han YuA, a character from the VR game “Focus on You” and brought to life as a virtual influencer by Smilegate. She was recently signed with the premier Korean talent agency YG KPlus. Her debut single, “I Like That,” already has over 7 million views on YouTube.

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