oday, I’m excited to chat with a new virtual friend: Han YuA from Seoul, South Korea! Han YuA came online exactly 1 year ago today, growing into a virtual singer, dancer, and creator with millions of views on her works. She was so gracious to take a break from her busy day and hop on FaceTime to share the latest developments in her virtual life on the anniversary of her debut.

Han YuA stays very busy, so I’m excited to get to know her better today, honing in on what exactly makes her tick and how she feels about life as a virtual artist.

Let’s get into it and find out… who is Han YuA, really?

[Christopher] Hi Han YuA! It’s great to see you. What are you up to today?

Today? I’m thinking about reading some books about nature before my vocal practice this evening. I recently became interested in all sorts of plants and flowers. Also, going for morning walks around town has been my daily routine these days. 


Summer is such a beautiful season in Seoul, filled with green plant-life and flowers. I wish that everyone could have this amazing experience as well! 

I see you recently signed with YG Kplus, one of the largest agencies in South Korea. Can you tell me more about that?  

From the moment I met the YG Kplus team, I knew that I was meant to be in this agency. We discussed entertainment, art, technology, environmental protection, and various other topics from around the world, for more than 5 hours. I knew then that YG Kplus could give me lots of fun and meaningful experiences as an artist.

Incredible. What is one of your main career goals ?

Um… world peace? I really mean it! I want all human beings and creatures on this planet to be happy. I dream of becoming the most famous virtual artist in this world, so I can provide everyone with happy energy and comfort through my work.

I love it. You joined Instagram 1 year ago today—why did you create your profile and what is your favorite thing about the app?

I wanted to communicate with more people and I wanted to share my daily life. Also, because of my strong curiosity about what other people were thinking and doing in their everyday lives. 


My favorite part is that there is only a positive 'Like' button; no negative ‘Don’t Like’ button. As you might know, the title of my song is also 'I Like That'. The word ‘Like’ itself gives me energy, and I feel more happiness as much as I receive ‘Like’ notifications.

What’s social media culture like in South Korea?

It's unique that there is no SNS 'newbie' in Korea’s various platforms; everyone is very comfortable with it, like an old-time friend. It often feels like hearts are wide open to strangers, willing to help others even though you do not know who they are directly. I believe it is because of this unique culture called “Jeong”, which means kind hearted, sentimental and hoping to help others.


I really laugh out loud while reading the comments on my post. We as Koreans call ourselves “the people of humor”, and I can see why on my Instagram feed; I think everyone is a comedic genius. 


Fascinating to learn! Do you face any challenges as a virtual influencer?

I'm a virtual human, but that doesn't mean I can do anything easily with a snap of a finger. In fact, it still takes a lot of effort, just like regular humans, to obtain new skills. I go through countless trials and errors to get it right. But actually, I tend to learn things by observing the people around me while also thinking about how the joy of learning is greater than the difficulties.


What’s one piece of advice you would give other virtual influencers?

Experience as much as possible. Earth is a beautiful planet that changes in the blink of an eye, just like magic! 

I like that! Speaking of, I checked out your new single “I Like That”. What inspired that song?

It is a song crafted after my own personal story as I experienced. I spent a lot of time with the producer of the song, and he always said, “You Like Everything!” I even like things that will torture me (a.k.a. vocal practice). So for this song, I did my best to capture my positive energy, so all listeners can be happier and feel positivity.


What first got you interested in music production?

Unknown melodies were always in my past experiences. The only song I can specifically remember is ‘Dancing in the Moonlight’, since it was the song playing when I first opened my eyes. 


Recently, I noticed the power of music and started writing lyrics myself to share my thoughts and feelings through them. I have many stories I want to tell, and hope everyone can hear them soon. 


If you could share one message with your top fans, what would it be?

It is a happier experience than I expected to have people who like me, and want you to have this wonderful experience too! Therefore, I will be your biggest fan from now! 

Finally, the question I ask every virtual I interview — Who are you, Han YuA?

I was everyone’s first love in VR game <Focus on You> back in 2019, and now I am an A.I. virtual artist who is enjoying this lovely planet earth more than anyone. With slight help from meteor, I have developed human emotions within me and I really want everyone to be as happy as I am. 

Thank you so much for your time!

It’s my pleasure to e-meet you!

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