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About The Virtual Influencer

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VIRTUAL BLOGER 💁🏼‍♀️ Created to conquer 💖 I try myself in StandUp 🎙 The first virtual star of the TNT TV channel, stand-up comedian

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April 1, 2021

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Moscow, Russia

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Anna is TNT’s first virtual star, who is planning to become a popular stand-up comedian. Anna is only 22 y.o., but she’s already collaborating with such big companies as Nestlé and OTC-Pharm to promote their products. Anna lives an interesting and eventful life, she communicates with TNT key talent and many other celebrities. She likes stylish clothes, elephants and banana cappuccino.

Anna explores the world around her and tries to sort it out for herself to make her jokes funnier and more interesting and also to resonate with the people who don’t always see her as an equal. She believes her virtual sense of humor is no different from the real one and wants to prove it to herself in the first place.