range of new teams are entering the virtual influencer space, with virtual music artists, brand spokespersons, celebrity sidekicks, and more appearing each month. Today, I am excited to welcome 22 virtual influencers discovered in Q4 2020. Some are old, such as widely-renowned World Record Egg (he goes by "Eugene"), and some are brand new as of Q4 2020.

A virtual influencer is a digital character created in computer graphics software, then given a personality defined by a first-person view of the world, and made accessible on media platforms for the sake of influence. Understanding the draw to the virtual influencers can be exciting, yet inherently confusing. To grasp "Why?" fans care about virtual characters on social media, browse the extensive Research, News, and Interviews I've conducted to get up to speed.

Virtual influencers are a new, neutral content medium to engage with fans, much like the neutrality associated with any other medium — i.e. podcasts, documentaries, or even short form Stories. This time, though, the content medium is character. Understanding the neutrality of the medium is key in regards to potential use cases. What character would you create, and who would you engage?

As of today, 145 notable virtual influencer teams use social media to tell stories on social media. From marketers, to creators, to music labels, the applications of virtual influencer storytelling are diverse. If you have any questions, such as 'What is this all about?" or "Why not just partner with a real human?" — reach out.

Meet Eugene

Meet Bum Bailey

Meet Daniel Soapman

Meet Leya Love

Meet GF LaserBolt

Meet Rae

Meet Crazyno

Meet Ezmusgita

Meet Rozy Oh

Meet Reah Keem

Meet Ella

Meet Aya Stellar

Meet Kayda

Meet Sylvia

Meet Boffo

Meet Nununu

Meet Mina

Meet DJ Splitz

Meet Zeevah

Meet Lisa Gen 

Meet Mia

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