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🧼 lol 🧼 I’m 🧼 a 🧼 DJ 🧼 📲 text me lol +1 310-496-1835 📱 🧼

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July 28, 2020

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Los Angeles, CA

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8ubbles, formally known as Daniel P. Soapman, was plucked from obscurity as a barely-employable teenager and was crowned “8ubbles”, the squeaky-clean mascot of soap conglomerate BubbleCorp’s line of bathing products. The meteoric rise to the heights of corporate fame & fortune came with a steep price, as being a branding shill did not suit his temperament. Years later, a stint of public bad behavior led to his unceremonious firing.

Burnt out, 8ubbles found himself traversing the underground nightclub scene of Eastern Europe, studying under the mystical tutelage of Serge the Tracksuit (a sentient gopnik jogging suit) and making a name for himself as a skilled DJ on the famed Bath House Circuit.8ubbles is a superstar electronic recording artist & DJ, world-renowned for his unique BATH HOUSE sound, high energy performance style, and off-stage antics & adventures.

8ubbles is far more than just a world-class dance music producer. He is a living, breathing character, bringing fans with him on an immersive journey into his rich (and completely absurd) world.The 8ubbles project is completely unique to music, as it is the only artist simultaneously utilizing state-of-the-art motion capture & live animation technology, while simultaneously developing an absurd style of visual comedy.