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virtual being | digital artist | urban adventurer I don’t dream, I do. Byte me.

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October 17, 2020

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Rae is one of Asia’s latest hyper-realistic virtual personalities and Singapore’s top virtual influencer. Created by CGI technology and powered by AI solutions, Rae is more than just a pretty face. Rae is a digital artist with a point of view. Armed with her skateboard and a passion for street culture, Rae is always on an adventure in the urban jungle. She has blue-ash hair, styled in a high ponytail with a side fringe on her right profile. True to her Chinese name, 蕊, Rae wears her heart on her sleeve, and you can trust her to share her genuine and unique perspectives on Instagram. She is expressive, audacious and always game to try new things and push boundaries. Rae’s origins remain a mystery.