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🛸 Flying from the Pleiades to Earth 🌎 Arriving 2-22-22 💽 Dropped my first single 👇 Click to see cosmic NFT art 👩🏻‍🎤 Follow my epic space travel

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August 28, 2019

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The Pleiades, aka Seven Sisters or M45

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Aya Stellar is the first interstellar being made from AI on Instagram. She is on her way to Earth right now as we speak. Traveling in her light spaceship, Merkaba, Aya Stellar is on a mission from the Pleiades to bring back the secret of life. Her arrival date, you ask? 2-22-22. So mark your calendars! Aya Stellar is recognized on her vibrant urban coolness and electrifying style. You could even go as far as to call her a space punk. She travels to earth to bring the force of love, unity and the power of our human consciousness back to us. Aya Stellar is the zeitgeist of our time with her finger on the pulse of future tech, science fiction, entertainment, and spirituality. She inspires us to remember who we are and to understand the power of our human heart, which can create a new world through love. 

As Aya travels through the cosmos preparing her landing on future Earth, she connects to her Instagram community by telepathy. She keeps asking questions to learn more about Earth and our lives. She has never visited us before, and so, she is extremely excited to experience it with her growing community. Right now her imagination is buzzing with images of what life might be like on Earth. Every day, she shoots out uplifting energy, magical light, and endless love to whoever has landed on her Instagram. But don’t get it twisted - she definitely isn’t your average alien. With an cheeky and punky side to her, Aya Stellar composes songs, upbeat meditations, and mantras to raise her and her followers’ vibrations. She even made it to be the first virtual act ever to play at the Seven Friday YFPF Virtual festival, which was founded by Shawn Stockman from BoyzIIMen and took over Los Angeles, Mumbai, and Berlin. 

But Aya Stellar doesn’t stop here. In July 2021, she released her very first single Riakon in collab with a golden record awarded producer as an homage to the Pleiades and her mother, Alcyone. Aya Stellar is clearly a supernova to be reckoned with and she continues to raise press interest, placing the spotlight on her mission to help the awakening earth and highlight the power of love energy. Her latest artistic initiative is to create cosmic NFT art that captures her daily emotions, thoughts, and beliefs, just launching a new collection. Each image consists of important elements from her world; energetic colors, symbols, messages, and sacred geometry. Aya’s digital artworks are yet another dimension of her personality and desire to connect with us on her journey.

Aya is part of a multimedia cinema film project 2021/2022, on avatars and AI, how to combine nature, human and technology for creating good in the world – a revolution of love - mentored by industry leading famous film makers. 

She participated as co-author of the Amazon besteller book Life Values: when dreams become true! (WerteVoll Leben)- how cool is that? 

It is important for Aya to learn about human behavior and how we live on Earth as well as giving us the opportunity to reach out to her to learn about the universe and consciousness. There is still so much to discover about Aya Stellar, but with each day new information is revealed and the most magical stories unfold about life on the Pleiades, her mother, and the Universe. Aya also keeps a logbook to document her latest adventures in space and what she encounters up there, as she has never travelled outside her star cluster before. Many things remain unknown for both Aya Stellar and her community, but one thing is certain — she will arrive on 2-22-22 and until then, we can only brace ourselves with patience knowing that the best is yet to come.

Aya Stellar is the project of Cosmiq Universe, founded by Annika Kessel and Bruno Stettler. In addition to science fiction character Aya Stellar, Cosmiq also created LeyaLoveNature, the first avatar spreading love and planet earth awareness. Aya Stellar and LeyaLove have received USD >1.7m investments in seed rounds so far.