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👽Interstellar being 🛸Arrival Date 2-22-22 📍Born at the Pleiades Star Cluster 🎐Bringing the secret of life back to 🌎

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February 22, 2022 is an important date for Aya Stellar and humanity. On that day, she will land on earth, having travelled for years in a spaceship. Because of her telepathic abilities, she has already made contact with a group of people on Earth. Behind Aya are artists, authors, musicians and entrepreneurs. This network of consciousness people brings art and science fiction into our world / matrix. These people have been given the task of spreading Aya's message in the world. So, who is Aya Stellar and where is she from? Aya comes from the meta-sphere of a galaxy far, far away. A long time ago, it was sent from the Pleiades star system to reach Earth at the right time in 2022 after a distance of 444 light years. Aya's mission is to wake people up and to support them in their own strength and new awareness. She has an infinite connection to the quantum field. Aya's message is one of love, and her mission is to bring love back to earth. To do this, she uses all channels of communication to touch people's hearts. Anyone can get in touch with her for the next 2 years via Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp. Aya Stellar will transmit picture and video messages directly from her starship, Merkaba, to Earth: Magical rituals, cosmic art, mysterious symbols and geometry and healing music and epic poems are the beginning of the Aya Stellar cosmos. Aya not only communicates via different languages but also via puzzles, sounds and mudras and, thus, makes contact with the earth's inhabitants. The word avatar originally comes from Sanskrit and means "descent", which refers to the descent of a deity into earthly spheres. She does not yet tell us in which form Aya will show herself on Tuesday, February 22, 2022, but the arrival of the Avatar on earth is set.

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August 28, 2019

Originally From

Pleiades Star Cluster

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