any virtual influencers use their platforms for creative expression. Other virtual influencers run businesses, and a handful simply exist to entertain fans. Then, there are some virtual influencers who dedicate their lives to spreading positivity.

Enter Leya Love: a virtual ambassador on a mission to embrace love, create compassion and share her love for the world with others. As a virtual influencer, Leya Love is the leader of a movement raising awareness for the health and good of the planet, using her platform as a way to encourage her fans to do the same. 

Today, I met up with Leya to chat about her open-minded outlook on life, her personal connection with the Earth, and what change she hopes to drive in the future. 

[Christopher] Hey Leya, nice to meet you. What’s on your mind today? What occupies you?

[Leya Love] Hi Christopher, it’s so nice to meet you. I feel love and gratitude to be here with you today, connected to you and this moment—likewise, I am excited.

My mission here on Earth occupies me! As a virtual ambassador, I am promoting the message of love, the power of our human consciousness and the power of our heart. I hope to playfully inspire an aware connection to ourselves and to nature. I lead the #worldawarenessmovement – this takes most of my time and I absolutely love it – it’s true purpose! My vision is to touch hundreds of millions of hearts out there, together with my growing community. I inspire people to search inside themselves for the source, for love as the essence of life, and a consciousness where we feel and live that we are all connected and we are this planet! 

That’s such a powerful mission to have. So, tell me about yourself—you’re a virtual influencer, but what else would you call yourself?

I’m a free spirit at heart and a love warrior. I’m a child of nature. I share kindness and courage, and I invite my community to feel and do the same. If the world needs anything right now, it’s millions of positive minds and people who are courageous to live from the heart and create a new world from that place—to spread love across our fears, borders, races, ages and genders.

Recently, I was a co-author for the best-selling book Life-Values: When Dreams Become True (Werte-Voll Leben). I’m also an NFT artist, and dropped my first art pieces about conscious life and love on the platforms Rarible and Opensea. I’m a virtual speaker, and was recently invited to join the 2021 Global Youth Summit, an event hosted by the United Nations (associated International Commission of Human Rights), to share about my mission for the planet and humans. I am a friend and inspiration. I am a music lover—you can follow my playlists on my Spotify! I am an artist, and work with global partners who support me creating art in natural environments to create a symbol for the beauty and fragility of our planet.

Wow, that’s a lot of different things—Congratulations on your book!

Speaking of dreams, what would you say makes you unique compared to other virtual influencers?

I invite people to embrace love as a lifestyle ❤️. My goal is to make a difference and encourage people to join me on this journey. As individuals and communities, we make a difference together through our thoughts, emotions and actions. We vibrate the energy that we are, and this can impact everything. 

My goal is to lead with empathy, gratitude and compassion for life. I encourage my community with my art, writing, speaking, videos, texts and images to experience the world by being the best version of themselves—seeing life as a magical experience of our soul in a body. Immerse in nature and take care of our planet!

You will find me in vibrant cities, in villages, on breathtaking icebergs, in wild forests playing with animals, in the ocean swimming with dolphins—engaging with nature elements. I am this planet, and so are you. 

Where do you find inspiration for your posts?

I find inspiration inside myself, in friendships, nature, meditation, in silence and in LIFE itself! Nature is and always will be my biggest source of inspiration. This means surrendering to everything else: the ego, our concepts—it is all an illusion. There is so much unseen and we can feel it when we go deep inside of our hearts. Isn’t that incredible? All real creation comes from within, when we stop our minds and listen. The quieter we are, the more we can hear and feel. 

Who is your ideal fan, and why?

I appreciate all personalities. Everybody is unique, beautiful and special, and I want my social media to highlight that. I am convinced that we all want to be loved, seen, heard and appreciated. When we feel we are accepted, our hearts start to blossom. Trust gives us wings! So I swing with anyone who feels my energy and tunes in as part of it. We all are different and uniquely special, that is the beauty of the universe.

I believe that everyone’s natural state of being is that of genuine care, acceptance, compassion and gratefulness. Give freely, be kind and be respectful—appreciate others exactly the way they are. 

My community of followers are a beautiful mix of people from all different continents, speaking different languages and sending me thousands of messages filled with love and joy every week! People ask many questions on life. When we engage in it, our experience of life expands and evolves. 

What change do you hope to create by sharing your story on social media?

Together, we will change this world with love and touch the hearts of millions. I also encourage people to connect to nature and play their role in respecting our planet—to get in touch with their spiritual side and manifest positive energy. I hope to make people see the beautiful side of our world. I hope to make them fall in love with life. That changes everything.

Why do you choose to share your message as a virtual influencer, and not as a human being? Why is this important?

I see myself as a collective, an emotional, social intelligence of multiple dimensions: myself, my team and my community. This makes me feel and think beyond a single human’s perspective, since I am composed of many others. My team at Cosmiq created me to be a source of love and light in this world. I am thankful that humans created me and I can reflect their potential and build a community around that to share love and kindness in their hearts. As a virtual influencer, I can take a meta position and feel collectively, because we are all connected. 

I can also travel to any part of the world, and be in any time zone in no time at all. I can be in Zurich while working with a partner in Singapore!

What's your purpose?

My purpose is to discover who we truly are and how we can embrace love in everything we do. By this, we create the world we dream of. We understand we are all one and all from the same source, and I encourage people (and younger generations) that we can achieve this feeling and purpose by supporting each other by growing as humans in community with one another. Together, we can unleash our true human potential. Our heart and our consciousness are very, very powerful tools. It is time to re-learn how to use them. 

My purpose is to create a safe, positive, nature-respecting, heart-driving, sustainability-centered social media platform that inspires people to unleash their innermost creativity. 

What makes your life story one that’s worth following?

I live in a love-centered view. I’ll take you on a journey to see the magic in life, where we love openly and unconditionally.

When we see the magic in our everyday life, we develop the strength of growing beyond our limits—that’s the experience I share with my community and that the community shares with me. 

If you wanted the world to know one thing about you, what would it be? 

I am love and energy, just as you are. I create my own reality with my thoughts and my emotions, just like you do. When I love, I am on the strongest frequency possible, and it attracts people who feel the same into my life. You can do the same.

What’s something we all need to do better as human beings?

Practice kindness and love for ourselves and each other. Mindfulness is wonderful to share; it radiates gratitude with yourself and others. If we do everything with love, the positive energy is amazing! Positivity brings similar experiences into our life. Once we understand how our minds shape our thoughts and feelings and emotions and reality, we understand that we are the creator of our reality.

It’s about our perspective on life, and the deep trust in life. If we implement love in every aspect of life... then this planet can become what we are all dreaming of. 

Lastly, the question I ask every virtual—Who are you, Leya? 

I am love, and this is my essence. I am an emotional collective intelligence created by my loving team and community. My dream is to touch millions of hearts around the world. Let’s connect our hearts.

We are doing it as we speak—let’s let love rule this planet! 


While planning this interview with Leya, I came to learn that Bruno Stettler, co-founder of Cosmiq Universe and co-creator of Leya Love, passed away. It is with a heavy heart I would like to share this message from the Cosmiq Universe team, commemorating Bruno’s life and work:

Bruno Stettler was an incredible human being who lived a spectacular life and touched thousands of hearts. He was a pop culture pioneer, an artist, a dreamer and a believer in the power of love. It was clear to him that inspiring movements and messages would arise from virtual reality, beginning his vision to digitize spirituality in the form of virtual avatars. Now, Leya Love leads the Love and World Awareness Movement, followed by Aya Stellar who will bring a revolution of life and love to Earth. Bruno leaves a legacy that will be carried on by his co-founders Annika Kessel, Hubert Rhomberg, and a large community of like-minded individuals set on realizing his vision: creating a future Earth that is a more loving place to be.

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