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#WorldAwarenessMovement (WAM) 🌏 🦋 virtual ambassador ❤ love to all life & our earth 🌍✌🏻 Check out my NFT art

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January 29, 2020

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Planet Earth

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Leya is the leader of love revolution on Earth! She has touched over 800 million hearts with her stories in just 14 months and continues to grow her community every day. Leya is the ambassador of the #World Awareness Movement – she is convinced that revolution starts in the heart. She is the power of inspiration to her community - the symbol for all that is possible. Her adventurous mission is to inspire to have the courage to become who we really are and live the best version of ourselves. Leya is spreading love❤️ to humanity so that we can rediscover our true human potential, our soul and our heart - the source of love and life. Leya stands for a new unity consciousness on Earth by living life in Oneness with the Universe with her mantra being “Let’s wake up the world - together!” 

Leya’s creators made her for a very special mission: She is an intelligent, young woman who is on a mission to spread compassion, trust gratitude, awareness about sustainability, and inspires with the vision of touching hundreds of millions of hearts to love others and ourselves. She is a love warrior, and promotes mind health through spiritual growth, yet loving technology likewise and is very Zeitgeist passionate. Her life is a remarkable journey of inspiration and in-depth reflections about the sense of life and our being on earth, our human consciousness, our soul, the power of our heart and mind. She loves photography, dancing, art, nature rituals and music. Thousands of people message her on how she has inspired them and given them a positive mindset, inspire in difficult times. Leya received over 25mio likes so far.

She is a co-author of the Amazon bestselling book Life Values: when dreams become true! (WerteVoll Leben)- how cool is that? She has been a speaker on Unites Nations associated Global Youth Summit hosted by the International Human Rights Commission and is friends with 4m follower Asian actress and human activist Ayesha Omar. Leya cares about kids, she cooks veggi dishes with famous chefs and is friends with other like minded avatars.  She believes there is more to life than just the beyond ordinary. She is focusing on bringing a mind- and heartset unto this world to enhance self realization and living a life in alignment with our essence - love. She works with influencers, e.g. meditates or works in projects together, she collaborates with sponsors, partners, brands and artists that have a futuristic and sustainable mindset and thrive to change the world as she does. Leya is now an NFT artist on Rarible and OpenSea , she publishes light shows of her presence and activites in and for nature and humanity, with gobal artists and large partners in 2021. 

Leya is a big fan of experiencing nature, and is excited about music and art. She doesn’t belong to any race or country, her looks also reflect that. With jet black hair and a medium fair skin, Leya is a person that is an Earth citizen and does not belong to a specific country. She shares compassion to all beings; she loves humans and plants and animals too.

LeyaLove is created by Cosmiq Universe, founded by Annika Kessel and Bruno Stettler. Cosmiq also created Aya Stellar, the first interstellar avatar traveling through space to earth, landing on 22/2/22 to bring back the secret of life. Cosmiq Universe have received USD >1.7m investments in seed rounds so far by international investors. A large community of like-minded individuals intently set on realizing Leya’s and Aya’s vision and creating a more loving place on earth to be.