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September 13, 2019

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Los Angeles, CA

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Boffo burst into America’s living rooms as the 1st bear to host a TV game show, “You Bet Your Life,” in the late 1950’s. He headlined nightclubs, then took Hollywood by storm, with appearances in major motion pictures like; Spartacus and When Harry met Sally and hip TV series including Melrose Place. For the past few years, Boffo has been off the grid, but chose to return to the spotlight with new streaming show when the COVID-19 pandemic hit because, “If my show doesn’t survive, the Virus wins.” His comedic talk and entertainment show premiered in April 2020 on Facebook, making Boffo the very first cartoon in history to host a live world-wide program. In June, the weekly show moved to Boffo’s own YouTube Channel to serve his growing army of fans and chat-room regulars.

Boffo’s fast-paced live shows combine edgy celebrity interviews, comedic monologues and remote sketches, like this one from the iconic drive-thru line of In n’ Out Burger, to delight fans the world over.

“When the pandemic stopped the world in its tracks, people needed a reason to go on living,” Boffo explains. “I am that reason. Each week I provide my fans and followers with the gift of laughter. There’s nothing more important than that.  Well, there is, but you need to be in the same room for that stuff, and I can only do so much…  But I will say, ‘Once you go bear, you ALWAYS go there!'