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Coffee operated robot living her best life

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Co-created with Ai, Sylvia was a glitch. She was the first virtual influencer to rapidly age on Instagram, where she existed from July to November of 2020.

A descendant of Eastern European immigrants, Sylvia was born in the New York spring. From an early age, she had an eye for beauty. She went to school for graphic design and specialized in branding. She loved to travel the world, Her favorite destination was Italy, Venice in particular. She was * obsessed *  with coffee. Sylvia was a devout yogi and got a certificate as a yoga instructor, although she has never taught any formal classes. She was a trailblazer in the world of virtual fashion, and a muse to many virtual fashion designers around the world.

In her interview with Cultured magazine, Sylvia articulated the principles that would guide the structure of her book “things I learned about life”. She finished her book but did not get to publish it before her death.

Her last Ai generated post said: life gave me lemons; the lemonade made me rich”.

Sylvia demonstrated to us that as we live our lives there is much that is beyond our control. As much as we want this to be the case, we are not frozen in time. Time is the beast that chases all of us, and we can try to outrun it or try to control it, but we are powerless in the face of the same destiny.

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🤖 👩

First Appearance

July 4, 2020

Originally From

New York, USA

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