ast month, Hugo Boss revealed their Spring/Summer 2022 campaigns, #HowDoYouHUGO and #BeYourOwnBoss. They unexpectedly partnered with two virtual influencers, Imma and Nobody Sausage, alongside renowned athletes and models such as Kendall Jenner and Hailey Bieber.

These campaigns represent a new chapter for Hugo Boss, as the 98-year-old label is splitting into two identities, Hugo and Boss. Because virtual influencers are a key element in creating brand awareness within their dedicated, loyal fanbase of Gen-Z and Millennials, involving them in a campaign is a savvy move that speaks directly to youthful consumers.

“It is our aim to excite new and younger target groups and turn them into fans of our brand. Both campaigns are therefore an important step in further boosting brand relevance and in reaching our goal to become a top 100 global brand in the years to come,” Daniel Grieder, CEO of Hugo Boss, said in a statement.

For the #BeYourOwnBoss campaign, both Imma and Nobody Sausage posted a picture of themselves wearing a Boss hoodie on Instagram, tagging the brand and campaign. Immediately, fans reacted by liking and commenting with applause, adoration and fire emojis. Together, the two posts generated roughly 27,300 likes and 238 comments.

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Created by Aww Inc., Imma is one of the top virtual influencers on Instagram. Fans see her explore Japan and hang out with other virtual influencers, such as her brother Zinn. Lately, she has appeared on the fashion radar by becoming the newest Tommy Jeans ambassador for Tommy Hilfiger as well as the face of Doublet for their Paris fashion show, where models wore Imma masks.    

Nobody Sausage also isn’t a stranger to brand collaborations. Before working with Hugo Boss, he participated in two commercial challenges on TikTok with Samsung and Grupo Natalia Beauty. With his colorful, funny and groovy dance videos, Nobody Sausage shot to fame on TikTok and Instagram, becoming the fastest growing virtual influencer of 2021.

Imma and Nobody Sausage are not alone in their collaborations. In fact, seeing top virtual influencers partner with big fashion brands isn’t new. Miquela has starred in Calvin Klein and UGG campaigns, and Shudu became part of Balmain’s digital model army while Noonoouri featured in Dior’s Ultra Rouge ad.

However, seeing a fashion brand use virtual influencers as part of its rebranding strategy is a first. By featuring Imma and Nobody Sausage, Hugo Boss reveals a new, tech-focused side and readiness to enter the next digital era. Virtual influencers not only build strong communities of young fans, but they are also a stepping stone into further exploration of the virtual landscape of NFTs and the Metaverse.    

Of course, in addition to their technological awe, their success is somewhat born in simple pleasures. Seeing Nobody Sausage next to an image of Hailey Baldwin on Instagram is simply good entertainment. It is a “phygital” encounter fans didn’t know they needed and definitely love.

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