irtual influencers are branching out from social media, interacting with people in the physical world in novel ways. Whether via a scheduled interview or an unlikely meeting, any interaction between a virtual being and a human is pure entertainment often rooted in surprise.

Here's a look at two virtual influencers paving their way in the real world much to the surprise of the humans they meet.

Fubuki Interviews Jared Leto

Jared Leto was surprised during press meetings for the film “Morbius” when he took an interview with none other than the Japanese VTuber Fubuki. Known for her memes and love for video games, the anime fox has built a community of 3 million subscribers on YouTube and Twitter.

Throughout the interview, Leto was a blend of confused and amazed, stumbling over what to ask next. But Fubuki was far from disheartened. She continued to answer with much enthusiasm, helping to turn Leto’s disbelief into relief. Watch the full interview to see how it ended.

Zero Surprises Strangers on Omegle

Virtual human and influencer Zero, created by Offbeat, usually interacts with his community on Twitter, Discord, and Twitch. However, he recently hopped on video-chatting platform Omegle to meet with random strangers, who had mixed reactions to seeing a virtual influencer appear on their screen.

The fun video compilation below shows how lively and realistic an interaction can be with a virtual influencer.

When the virtual human is able to respond to people or comments on details in real time, an authentic connection is created. By staying in character and acting as if everything is normal, the virtual human elevates the experience and makes people question their reality as a result.

How We Will Interact With Virtual Influencers In The Future

As technology continues to develop rapidly, people can expect to interact with virtual influencers much more in the future. Some virtual influencers have already made phygital appearances, blurring the lines between the physical and digital worlds. But we can also expect to interact with them over Zoom calls, as students did when Noonoouri hosted an online Harvard Masterclass.

Meeting a virtual influencer can be an exclusive and unique experience for fans, becoming a clever strategy for an influencer’s upcoming projects. For instance, Apoki released her NFT project as a competition, with the winner being rewarded with a rare one-on-one live video session with her, which was then minted into an NFT.

When it comes to virtual influencers, one should expect the unexpected. They continue to become apart of our daily lives as they greet us in retail spaces, interact with us in schools and workplaces, and keep us company in our cars and on our mobile devices.

Virtual influencers will someday become so integrated into our lives that we will no longer remember a world without them.

Would you enjoy meeting a virtual influencer? How do you think you would react?

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