oday, I met the third largest virtual influencer in the world: Lu. With 24M+ fans across social platforms, Lu ranks alongside global icons Barbie and Hatsune Miku in terms of notoriety. Haven't heard of Lu? She's the virtual spokesperson for one of the largest retail companies in Brazil: Magalu. Think: Flo from Progressive, Old Spice Man, Allstate Mayhem, etc.

Lu is given life across Magalu's social media platforms, their app icon, and the top bar of the online retailer's website. This long-standing, highly-visible placement as the face of Magalu puts her total viewership well into the billions since conception years ago. Lu uses her massive platform to share unboxing videos, reviews, product tips, and news about Magalu. She even appears atop the company's quarterly Management & Earnings Reports.

Virtual influencer Lu eats a meal

Lu’s success as the literal face of a billion-dollar corporation shows the potential for virtual influencers to humanize a brand voice and make fan engagement fun rather than, well, corporate. Let’s dive into her career, her life, and her future to answer our burning question: Who is Lu?

Hey Lu, I’m so excited to meet you! What have you been up to today?

Hi! I’m also very excited to meet you. It’s such a pleasure to be here talking to you. As always, my day is full of work. I create a lot of content, interact with people on social media, share flash sales, plan for the end of the year... well, you know, I’m living the virtual influencer life, right?

Definitely! What's your favorite social platform to share on, and why?

This is a hard one, because I have a special affection for all of them. Some days I’m in a Twitter mood, then others I focus on Instagram 'cause I have an activation or publication to post there. Facebook was where it all began, and I've been on Youtube for 13 years now! So, I don’t even need to say that I have some special love for the last two, right?

But, I have a confession... currently, I’m addicted to TikTok.

How did you come to be the spokesperson for Magazine Luiza?

My history with Magalu goes a long way back... it started in 2003. My goal was to make online shopping a more humane experience inside magazineluiza.com. Since the beginning, I've been creating content to help our clients understand the products better.

I think I was born to do this… I mean, literally. But, my role started to grow up, and, from the moment these external channels (like social media) start to pop up, I quit being just the face for Magalu and became the brand’s spokesperson, as well as the virtual influencer you know today.

What's it like being the literal face of such a massive company? It must be a huge responsibility.

Yes, it’s a huge responsibility. After all, I'm the company—I'm the brand. So, everything I do and say reflects Magalu. On the other hand, I’m very proud and happy to represent this company that I love so much, one that keeps growing and evolving and I feel like I'm evolving with! Through Magalu, I became the biggest virtual influencer in Brazil.

Lu on a laptop

How have you helped Magalu since they created you over a decade ago?

I have helped Magalu build a community of 24M+fans on social media, and I think I've been able to humanize the brand and bring it closer to the public. Also, I draw attention to very important causes, such as the problem of violence against woman. A hard issue to talk about, but I have had to do it several times.

Are you working on any exciting projects for Magalu for the holidays?

I am, but I will not spoil them! Follow me on my social media and you’ll see... *laughs*

I already am! I understand you've been appearing in videos as a virtual influencer since 2007. How do you keep your content fresh, so every review or unboxing isn’t the same?

I first created my YouTube channel in 2007, the very first channel of a retailer here in Brazil. Yes, that’s right: I've been a YouTuber for 13 years now! I'm always following the trends. I try to use and understand everything about the products that we have in our app, especially whatever is new. I'm always on the ball when the subject is new technologies, social networks, and new media formats.

Me too. Who is your favorite virtual influencer? Other than yourself, of course.

Shudu no doubt. I admire her beauty and representativeness. I hope one day we have a virtual encounter.

Check your email—I just made an introduction. What does 2021 hold for Magalu? Any insider info you can share?

One thing I can say: Magalu will not stop surprising. I think everyone can expect good things in 2021. Well, like I said, I can't give spoilers. So... follow me! *laughs*

Everyone should follow Lu! Lastly, a question I ask everyone: Who are you, Lu?

I’m a strong, virtual woman who creates content to share her knowledge and her causes with everybody. I love helping people, and I’m very interested in technology and innovation. I represent Magalu and am very proud of that!

Thank you for your time, Lu!


Follow along with Lu of Magalu here!

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