t the beginning of my journey researching and defining the virtual influencer industry, in 2018 when I first heard about Lil Miquela, mainstream articles initially led me to believe only six virtual influencers existed: Lil Miquela, Bermuda, Blawko, Shudu Gram, Noonoouri, and Imma Gram.

At the time, the majority of journalists reporting on this nascent space made a habit of depending on the writing of other journalists to serve as their primary source of information, regurgitating insights while adding conjecture about how virtual humans were taking jobs, how AI influencers were making millions, or how Lil Miquela was the first-ever virtual influencer (none of which is true).

There was a severe misunderstanding about the industry's operating reality, about the many virtual personalities inspiring the market (Ami Yamato, Ion Gottlich, Lu, etc), and about the opportunities getting generated for creators, developers, and brands alike.

Click-driving pieces about the phenomenon published left and right, with everyone needing to have their say, but most of which were not wholly productive for readers in need of actionable information.

After over a year of doing my own research in my free time, taking note of everyone I encountered, and finding myself unable to depend on the regurgitated headlines, I decided to aggregate and publish what I knew, shining a spotlight on the creators and teams defining the industry—all of them, not just a select few.

A virtual influencer is a digital character created in computer graphics software, then given a personality defined by a first-person view of the world, and made accessible on media platforms for the sake of influence.

The first version of Virtual Humans featured some 40+ virtual influencers, which is why it's exciting to say that today, in just the last few months alone, we have discovered 27 more virtual influencers to add to our growing list. I'd like you to meet those newfound virtual influencers today:

Meet PBHere

Total fans: 1M+

PB is a character trapped in a mysterious facility whose story slowly unfolds over TikTok. His storyline has captivated many fans and been the subject of YouTube conspiracy videos before coming to a close on December 1, 2021.


Meet Ember

Total fans: 563k

Ember is the spawn of Satan… literally. She’s the teen daughter of the devil himself who loves to snoop through his work computer and cause chaos for her father.

Meet Rim

Total fans: 322k

Rim is another virtual idol from Kamistubaki Studios, creators of the virtual Kaf.

Meet Luks

Total fans: 272k

Luks is the Metaverse avatar of popular Brazilian content creator Lucas Rangel. He was made using the MetaHuman Creator.

Meet Synthia

Total fans: 178k

Synthia is a former AI assistant moving to Hollywood to make a name for herself. Her goal is “to bring entertainment and enlightenment, and if not both, then at least one at a time.”

Meet Lola

Total fans: 96k

Lola describes herself as a “human being wannabe.” She mainly posts inspirational content to her TikTok account where she has the most followers.

Meet Katii

Total fans: 81k

Katii (pronounced Katie) is a virtual model from Thailand. She recently starred in a campaign for Calvin Klein Thailand.

Meet Eternity

Total fans: 71k

Eternity is a 11 member AI idol group from South Korea. Each member has an AI generated face and with a distinctive character type.

Meet Emily

Total fans: 68k

Emily is the brand mascot for Wirtual, an NFT project that allows users to earn cryptocurrency for completing workouts.

Meet Pop Me

Total fans: 68k

Pop Me is the personification of the popper fidget toys popular among children.  

Meet Zero

Total fans: 65k

Zero is a cyborg trapped in a bunker in The Nexus Universe. In just a few short months since he mysteriously woke up on the floor of his bunker, he has partnered with Samsung, blown up on TikTok, and now streams three days a week on Twitch.

Meet Kyra

Total fans: 54k

Kyra is a virtual model from Mumbai, India.

Meet OvaDozu

Total fans: 50k

The adorable rabbit backup dancers to the popular virtual APOKI.

Meet Eli and Sofi

Total fans: 40k

Eli and Sofi are two twin virtual influencers from Italy.

Meet Satiko

Total fans: 28k

Satiko is the avatar of Brazilian broadcaster Sabrina Sato.

Meet Theo

Total fans: 27k

Theo is a half-Brazilian half-Korean virtual influencer who lives in Brazil.

Meet Rina

Total fans: 24k

Rina is a virtual influencer from South Korea created by Metaverse Entertainment.

Meet Nina

Total fans: 17k

Nina is a virtual girl from another world mysteriously transported into ours. She has a pet robot named Avo who accompanies her.

Meet LaTurbo

Total fans: 9k

LaTurbo Avedon is a virtual avatar and artist who recreates themself through various video games.

Meet Ophelia

Total fans: 7k

Ophelia is a virtual alternative model who often wears avant-garde digital fashion.

Meet Jordan and Justin

Total fans: 3k

Jordan and Justin are two brothers from South Africa with a pet elephant named Mr Gooby.

Meet Vandad

Total fans: 2k

Vandad is a virtual avatar with a toon shader style from Morocco who vlogs for his audience.

Meet Mia Camilla

Total fans: 2k

Mia is a character created using NFTs from the project Crypto Idols.

Meet Nefele

Total fans: 2k

Nefele is a digitally imperfect model from Italy with vitiligo, a skin condition which causes people to lose pigmentation on certain parts of their body.

Meet Woori

Total fans: 1k

Woori is a digital model from South Korea.

Meet Mina

Total fans: 1k

Mina is the virtual CEO of IPShop, a South Korean company.

Meet Ria

Total fans: 1k

Ria is a virtual influencer created by NEOENTDX known for wearing traditional Korean dress called a “hanbok.”

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