NFT holders are capitalizing on web3’s open approach to copyright, launching non-fungible avatars as characters with personalities on social media, like virtual influencers.

With the power of social media and a little creativity, your latent NFT IP could become a virtual influencer who builds a strong fandom as a personality online.

Your NFT has the potential to build influence and jumpstart all sorts of careers, from music, to an author, to a TikTok influencer, or even the leader of their own NFT project, and more.


Here is a look at how three NFTs from the Doodles, Cryptopunks, and Bored Ape Yacht Club collections built utility and value via storytelling on social media.

1. Carl The Doodle

3D version of pink Doodlez avatar named Carl the Doodle

On March 15th, 2021, Carl The Doodle broke free from the blockchain and transformed from a 2D NFT into a 3D character. Each rainbow-colored NFT in the Doodles collection has a unique style, expression, and mood, though not its own name or narrative…

Except for Carl. Carl now has his own distinct personality and profiles on Twitter and YouTube. While fans wait for his backstory to be revealed, Carl posts fun, uplifting content such caption contests, and fun skits.

2. Jenkins The Valet from Bored Ape Yacht Club

3D version of Bored Ape Yacht Club character Jenkins the Valet

The Bored Ape Yacht Club, or BAYC, is the best-known NFT project, with celebrities such as Justin Bieber, Paris Hilton, and so many more purchasing their own Bored Apes for staggering prices.

Jenkins The Valet, a member of BAYC, is unlike any other Bored Ape.

Jenkins was one of the earliest NFTs to be developed into a social-first character. Jenkins’ owner expanded what was a standard BAYC NFT to drop his own NFT character universe, launching “The Writer’s Room” and growing a Twitter fanbase around the character north of 45k.

Owners of the Writer’s Room NFT have decision making power over Jenkin’s storyline and upcoming novel, even earning the ability to cast their own BAYC or MAYC (Mutant Ape Yacht Club) NFT into the storyline.

Jenkins has also dropped clues about his past. For instance, he revealed that his mom left his dad and that it was quite the climb to becoming Head Valet at the BAYC. Jenkins’ storyline unfolded further when his mutant counterpart, Jenkins the Mutant, came to life in his zombie-like appearance and villainous attitude.

It’ll be interesting to see how the two apes will interact as the character universe expands further.

3. Spottie Wifi

Cryptopunk rapper Spottie Wifi in a dimly lit nightclub

Spottie Wifi is a CryptoPunk rapper and NFT artist. Famous NFT project CryptoPunks, developed by Larva Labs and now owned by Yuga Labs, features 10,000 unique pixel-art characters with one selling for as much as 4,200 ETH, or $8.52 million at the time.

Spottie Wifi is CryptoPunk #5528, purchased by rapper Mig Mora, who has turned him into an NFT sensation and influential character on social media.

As an independent artist, Spottie Wifi makes his own waves in the music industry. In August 2021, he sold 2,000 NFT albums and generated 60 ETH—equivalent to $192,000 at the time—in revenue in under 60 seconds. He was also honored with the 2021 NFT.NYC award for “Best Use of NFTs in the Music Industry.”

Spottie Wifi exists on all social media platforms, where he entertains over 36,000 fans. He’s releasing an upcoming comic titled “Battle for the Spottieverse” which will reveal more details on his backstory to fans.

Spottie also engages with the NFT community, teases upcoming projects and performances, and participates in TikTok duets with human influencers.


Wrapping Up…

NFT collectors of popular collections such as Bored Ape Yacht Club, CryptoPunks, and more are turning their NFTs into social-first characters, building influence virtually and increasing the value of their token.

More NFTs are bound to follow. The question is, which NFT will pop up as a virtual influencer at a celebrity level?

Perhaps collectors of Azuki, Clone X, World of Women, and other top projects will make the move. Each has distinctive features and a great possibility to spawn engaging characters and IP narratives.

Which NFT do you want to see as a social-first character? Would you follow an NFT on social media?

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