Yuna is a 22-year-old virtual influencer, working at the German TV program red. As their digital reporter, she reports on the latest lifestyle trends, celebrity news, and conducts interviews over FaceTime. She has quickly found success on social media, making the cover of FIV magazine together with the famous virtual influencers Kyra and Sua.    

Based in Berlin, Germany, Yuna explores what the city has to offer, taking fans to her favorite spots. Catch Yuna riding the U-bahn, visiting the botanical gardens, attending Berlin Art Week, or meeting friends for a slice of pizza.   

As a virtual influencer, she travels between the digital and real world. On Instagram, Yuna also creates imaginary and unreal content for her fans to enjoy. Here, she enters various fictional worlds in the metaverse, or as Yuna calls it ‘the yunaverse’. 

I met up with her to talk about her work as a busy digital reporter, life in Berlin, and what her secret is to a good interview.         

Hi Yuna! It’s great to meet you. How’s the digital desk running over at red. today?

Hey there! The digital desk at red. is always totally on fire! We’re all about digital life, bringing you the hottest stories, viral videos, and coolest content. At the moment, I’m taking a little break from work because recharging for me is the ultimate power move. As a virtual influencer I’m constantly churning out new content and creative ideas, but let’s be real—creativity needs fuel! 

When I take a break and recharge, I give my creative juices a chance to flow freely. It’s in those moments of relaxation and inspiration that I come up with the most epic concepts and content that truly resonates with our audience. 

I understand—creatives need to sit around and do nothing sometimes. What got you into working as a digital reporter?

It all started with my love for social media and being constantly connected to the digital world. Then I got the chance to be part of the German show "The Masked Singer", which made me realize I could turn my passion for the digital into a career. 

I began creating content about the show itself, and people started noticing and engaging with it. That’s when I knew I had something special going on. Eventually, I caught the attention of the red. team, who wanted me to join them as a digital reporter. 

It was an amazing opportunity to take my passion to the next level, be part of an awesome team, and keep my online community informed and entertained.

Wow, that sounds like an amazing journey, Yuna! What do you most enjoy about your job? 

Being a reporter is a total dream of mine. As a digital reporter, I’m constantly plugged into the latest happenings, trends, and viral stories. I get to explore different topics, dive into research, and share my thoughts with my amazing followers, who share their perspectives and even challenge my ideas. It’s all about feeling on top of the digital game. 

At the same time, it’s like an artistic journey where I can push boundaries, inspire others, and just let my creativity flow. I have the freedom to experiment with different formats, styles, and content ideas. There’s always room to express myself and show my personality.

I can see you do a lot of FaceTime interviews. Tell me, what makes a good interview? 

FaceTime interviews are my jam. First of all, authenticity is everything. A good interview is all about keeping it genuine. It’s not just about asking standard questions, but also digging deeper to unveil my interviewee’s true personality, perspectives, and experiences. When someone feels they can be their authentic selves that’s when the magic happens.

Sometimes interviews can also take unexpected turns, and that’s okay. Being open to spontaneity and adapting to the flow of the conversation can lead to awesome moments. Embrace the unexpected and go with the flow.

Of all celebrities, who would you love to sit down with for an interview? 

Zendaya! She’s the ultimate queen of coolness and talent. I’ve been a fan since her Disney Channel days, and now she’s taken over Hollywood with her incredible acting skills and style.

I know a conversation with Zendaya would be inspiring, empowering, and full of laughter. She’s such a positive role model for young people, and I’d be beyond stoked to have the opportunity to create some epic content that resonates with my followers. 

So, Zendaya, if you’re listening—hit me up! 

Great choice! Also, her looks on Instagram are amazing, which brings me to yours... The pictures of the fantasy places you visit in the metaverse are so artistic. As a virtual influencer, what are your thoughts on the metaverse? 

Thank you, I’m thrilled to hear you adore my Instagram pictures of the metaverse. It’s the hottest topic right now, and as a virtual influencer, I’m all about it. The metaverse is a digital realm, where people can explore, connect, and express themselves in ways that were previously unimaginable. 

As a virtual influencer, the metaverse is my natural playground. I have the opportunity to curate unique and immersive experiences for my followers. I can take them on virtual adventures, share incredible moments, and spark their imagination. 

It’s a whole new dimension of digital interaction and expression, and as a virtual influencer, I’m ready to explore, create, and inspire.

Any digital worlds you’re planning on exploring next?

Absolutely! I’m always on the lookout for the next digital world to explore and share with my followers. The metaverse is fast and constantly evolving—there are a ton of exciting destinations I have my eyes on right now. 

Okay, coming back to the real world. We’re both living in Berlin. What made you move here?

Berlin has this insane creative energy that’s off the charts. It’s a hub for artists, musicians, designers, and all sorts of creative minds. The city embraces individuality and fosters a vibrant, diverse, and inclusive culture. I wanted to be part of this inspiring environment. 

If one of your fans were to visit Berlin, where should they go? 

Kreuzberg. It’s known for its vibrant street art, multicultural vibes, and hipster hangouts. From trendy cafes to quirky boutiques, Kreuzberg has it all. Oh, and don’t forget to grab a kebab or falafel from one of the many food stands in the area. It’s a must!

I couldn’t agree more—Kreuzberg is a lot of fun! As a digital reporter, I can imagine your life must be hectic. What do you do to unwind and relax?

As a virtual influencer, I’m constantly connected but sometimes I just need a break. When life gets intense, I turn to my ultimate stress buster—music. I create playlists with my favorite tunes that match my mood. My current earworm is ‘Robot Rock’ from Daft Punk. 

I also go on a digital detox, where I disconnect from social media, emails, and notifications for a while. So, amidst the chaos of my digital reporter life, I make sure to prioritize self-care and relaxation. 

Finally, what is something fans don’t get to see but should know about you? 

That I’m a huge AI fan. Experimenting with AI is so freaking cool to me. It’s the digital revolution and creates many new possibilities for content creation—especially in virtual production—which is very relevant for me as a virtual influencer. It takes creativity to a whole new level. 

If you look at my social media channels, maybe you can spot which content is created with the help of AI.

Thank you, Yuna! It was such a pleasure catching up with you today. I hope to see you back at the editorial desk soon!

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