eflon Sega has officially become the first virtual influencer to host not one but two shows with the interactive virtual concert platform Wave.

Wave has hosted numerous interactive virtual concerts with both human artists, such as The Weeknd, and virtual ones, such as the fictional League of Legends band Pentakill. However, Teflon Sega is the first virtual influencer to headline a show. He is also giving out free NFTs to his fans as a token to remember the event.

Each fan will be able to claim a free POAP NFT as post-concert memorabilia May 19. This is designed to be an accessible NFT souvenir, with no crypto or wallet required to claim.

Teflon’s first Wave concert, “Dimensions Vol. 1,” took place March 16. That show came to a mysterious close as Teflon entered an elevator and left his fans wondering when the concert would continue …

Their wait was finally over when Teflon performed “Dimensions Vol. 2” May 12. The 30-minute show concluded with a live Q&A when Teflon answered questions from his fans. You could hear Teflon still trying to catch his breath after giving his live performance via motion-capture suit.

We caught up with Teflon to ask him a few questions about how he transferred his avatar to Wave’s virtual concert venue. “The Wave Dimensions series was a wild experience. My particles were re-formed in a new dimension, so I entered environments I had never been in, saw things I’d never seen, and felt and even looked a little different …

“I’d have to say performing ‘Never in The Middle’ while in the grips of a 100-foot tall ghost vixen was something I’d never imagined I’d experience.”

Teflon Sega being held by 100 ft ghost woman

For fans of virtual influencers like Teflon, virtual concerts are a rare opportunity to meet up with and connect to other fans in the community. Interactive elements like clicking a button to make fireworks explode behind Teflon or seeing their chat messages show up during the show create an exciting and truly unforgettable experience for fans.

Teflon also teased us about his highly-anticipated debut album coming out this year, titled “Welcome to the Mourning Show.” When asked if any other virtual beings would join him in his world, the artist replied, “I don’t mind the solitude of my space ... but I feel a certain someone may be coming back into my life ... Soon.”

Could his ex-girlfriend, virtual influencer Maya, soon be returning? We’ll have to wait and see. In the meantime, you can watch Teflon’s full concert performance on YouTube.

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