Famous virtual idol Hatsune Miku just released her latest Pokémon song as part of her collaboration with the iconic franchise. Titled "The Pokémon Inside My Heart," the song and music video bring a ton of nostalgia to fans by going back to Pokémon’s early days of gaming. 

Produced by Vocaloid producer PinocchioP, the song tackles the topics of growing up and how reality has shifted from childhood innocence to adult responsibilities—yet the adventures and memories with Pokémon persist.    

"The Pokémon Inside My Heart" is the fourth song to be released as part of Hatsune Miku’s collaboration with Pokémon. The partnership was revealed in August under the name Project VOLTAGE. The song and art collaboration celebrates the two and brings something extraordinary to both fan communities. 

In late September, Project VOLTAGE kick-started by releasing a series of eighteen illustrations on the project’s official X account (formerly Twitter). In each sketch Hatsune Miku transforms into a new Pokémon trainer with a Pokémon by her side. 

Now, the project has moved onto releasing the new songs and music videos from eighteen Vocaloid producers. The eighteen-song and illustration count references the eighteen types of Pokémons.      

Photo by Project VOLTAGE

Fans are in for an emotional ride, as the songs will feature elements from the video games’ music and highlight themes such as friendships and personal memories. Already, fans appear excited for the latest drops with reaction videos and comments on social media. 

By teaming up with Pokémon, Hatsune Miku connects with her younger and older audience as the franchise touches something personal in both generations. She taps into childhood memories in which fans can’t help but get nostalgic, thinking about their own journey and relationship with Pokémon.

At the same time, the collaboration shows more nuances to Hatsune Miku’s talent as an artist as she manages to produce Pokémon songs that feel genuine and authentic—and not like advertisements. This is important for fan engagement as fans can enjoy and connect with the songs and videos as they do with her other content. 

Hatsune Miku is known for having a loyal and dedicated fanbase, which translates to her brand partnerships. The collaborations are community-focused to create special experiences for fans. For instance, Gatebox teamed-up with Hatsune Miku to feature her as a hologram inside their device. Finally, fans could bring Hatsune Miku into their homes and connect with her in their private space—a fan even went as far as marrying the idol's holographic image.  

However, the collaboration with Gatebox is not the only way fans get to interact with Hatsune Miku outside of social media. Miku has become a global music sensation with her live concerts, which are incredible to watch. With a vibrant light show, the virtual influencer star takes the stage as a hologram. So far, she’s had 59 concerts in total since she first began performing live in 2009. At the concerts, fans see her dance, change into new stage outfits or characters, and even play her guitar alongside the live band. It’s an immersive experience for Hatsune Miku’s millions of fans, who get to create a lasting memory with their favorite virtual human. 

Hatsune Miku is set to perform next year with her Hatsune Miku Expo 2024 world tour. Our bet (and hope) is the Pokémon collaboration will be featured.   

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