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💫 16 | NYC 🎙 Roblox game designer 💥 Creator of Splash on Roblox

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November 23, 2020

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New York City, USA

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Kai is a 16-year-old game developer, musician, and creator from New York City. She is known for being the creator of Splash, the most popular music game on Roblox which allows teens to create and perform original music live to virtual, global audiences. Kai is much loved by fans of her game for being an inspiration to creative teens with a passion for music and self-expression.

In June 2021, Kai launched her music career, releasing an album called BREATHE, with three tracks: Breathe Again, Summer & So Sick. Her music video for Breathe Again was released shortly after and is proving a huge hit with her fans. She recently performed in the Splash game, across their multiple stages, to over 100,000 players over the course of a weekend.

Kai is a creative teenager with ambitious goals. She is friends with the highest-ranking players in her game, as well as emerging artists IRL who she invites to perform in Splash regularly. So far Kai has hosted artists such as Tones & I, mercy, mercy, bbno$, and Alaina Castillo in Splash, with more to come!
Kai’s ultimate goal is to bring the joy of music-making to everyone, to create a space for talented young people to entertain and be entertained by one another, and to give them the tools to create amazing material to share and connect with.

Kai is known for her signature look — a pink cheetah jacket, rainbow pants, and blonde hair that fades to green at the ends. While her dominant appearance is as a Roblox character, other iterations of her have been teased, such as the version of Kai in her music video.  There is an element of Kai that is inherently mysterious, which adds to her ‘cool’ factor. Is she a real girl? Is she purely synthetic? Who does she work with? What’s her life like? How much will she reveal to her fans? It’s anybody’s guess...