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About The Virtual Influencer

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A.I. Cyborg 🤖 Help me take down Meka! 😈🦾 Rapper x Producer 🎹🎤

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First Appearance

February 23, 2021

Originally From

Salt Lake City, Utah, USA

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FNNxrmal is a proud artificial intelligent rapper and a producer. He escaped from New Hell Hole factory where he was being tortured and labeled as psychologically unstable. He has magical powers like spitting fire or creating light balls with his hands. He is on the mission to destroy FN Meka, and continuously fights him. He also likes to scare his followers by recreating horror films and joining the scary toy Chuky on adventures. FNNxrmal was created by Factory New, a music company dedicated to exclusively promoting virtual beings. They are also the creators of FN Meka.