housands of artists upload to Soundcloud each day, but few break through the noise and make a name for themselves. Teflon Sega is one of the few artists who have accomplished distinction, a feat built off pure dedication, grind, and commitment to the arts. With 50M+ streams of his songs across platforms, Teflon Sega has defied the odds for an independent artist, and now he's pursuing even loftier goals in the metaverse.

Teflon, a purple-haired, pink-skinned rockstar, started off as a 2D character through which he amassed his earliest, core fanbase. Not too long ago, though, Teflon kept up with the trends and demands of fans by transitioning to a full, 3D metaverse native. Teflon Sega describes himself as a “metatruborn” and commits to defending the metaverse from outside invaders, an epic saga you can watch unfold on his YouTube channel.

Photo by Teflon Sega

Besides being a one-man music, 3D, video, AND lyrical artist, Teflon still finds the quality time to collaborate with other exciting metaverse teams, such as his collaboration with the Dematerialised or his upcoming virtual concert with Wave, which he announced today!

I had the wonderful opportunity to FaceTime with Teflon and get to know more about his career, vision, and life in the metaverse. Let’s dive in!

[Christopher] Teflon! It's great to chat. How do you feel about all the new humans entering the metaverse?

Hey, Christopher! Happy to finally link up. I’m definitely excited about all the human creators entering the space. To be honest, it’s been pretty lonely out here. Speaking of humans in the space, I just dropped a full, 20-minute episode with Blu for his show Xanadu. Viewers can see how I record and sample audio in deep space 🛸 🎤🎶 which is probably my favorite scene from the episode.

Such a killer episode—I was just on Xanadu last week meeting with Blu! You've released a lot of music over the years. Tell me about that—How did you find the time to release a new track every single week back in 2019?

The song a week was really to teach myself a few lessons as a creator. I had previously spent almost 9 months on a song that, when I released it, went almost completely unnoticed. I felt like I was just taking so long on my art that I was probably squeezing the life out of it in the process. Although there are probably only a handful of songs from the song-a-week-for-a-year that I am truly proud of, I think I came out the other side a better artist. I learned to be serious, but not too serious. To understand more the feeling of when something is “done” instead of going down deep rabbit holes.

I feel you—it's all about iterations as a creator. People have called your music a fusion of R&B and Soundcloud synthwave. What would you call it?

Haha! Thats my first time hearing Soundcloud synthwave. I think the producer side of me just likes genre bending and playing with as many sounds as I can. I know it can be frustrating to be a fan of an artist who is always evolving and experimenting, and I do read all the comments of people asking me to create songs more like something I did in the past. But, selfishly, I have to stay inspired and love what I’m doing or I just get bored and unhappy.

Same, same. Speaking of… “Beretta Lake.” The track has 14 million streams on Spotify alone. Congrats!

I’m still proud of the song to this day, which is rare. It just captures a feeling.

Your recent collaboration with The Dematerialised sold out almost instantly. Congrats! What excites or inspires you about web3 or NFTs?

I'm really excited for NFTs, the blockchain and web3 to revolutionize the music space. I look forward to NFTs becoming the future of concert ticketing, access to experiences and more. I also believe the blockchain will finally give writers, producers, music makers a more fair slice of the pie.

Awesome. Tell me more about this live, virtual concert you're hosting with Wave?

I’m so excited for this. I’ll have the chance to interact with my listeners from the metaverse down to the Earth live on March 16th, you won’t want to miss out! The rehearsals have been insane.

I'll be there! What does 2022 hold for Teflon Sega?

This is an exciting year for me. This is the year I drop my debut album. Also the year I break out on the virtual stage as a performer, along with some other surprises…

I'm rooting for you. Finally, before we wrap, I want to ask you the same question I ask every virtual I interview: Who are you, Teflon Sega?

Well, I’m slowly finding that out and learning so much about myself. I know who I am not… and that’s the guy I was last year. I sort of feel like, if we can look back at a previous version of ourselves and cringe a little, we are on the right path, haha.

It was great to chat, Teflon! I’m looking forward to your concert and your album!

Thanks so much. ☮️

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