e commonly touch on the similarities between digital and human influencers. One major similarity? The way these fictional characters engage with a plethora of brands in their daily lives, even when they aren't paid to do so.

The lucky moment when a virtual influencer chooses to broadcast an interaction with a product, restaurant, or event provides a brand with free publicity while giving followers a deeper look into the virtual's interests. This innovative merger of fictional storytelling with a carefully crafted brand message humanizes both the virtual influencer and the brand. Leading virtual influencers outpace the average human influencer on the fronts of fan engagement, message control, PR opportunities, access to younger generations, and brand innovation, bringing an exciting, human twist to a brand's strategy.

For further reading in this vein, we previously outlined 3 ways your brand can work with virtual influencers. For inspiration now, though, here are 40 examples of virtual influencer Lil Miquela engaging with brands; some are formal, some not:

1. Miquela dawns Crocs and a custom dress from LA-based Left Hand LA for a rooftop photoshoot:

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Rooftop Red Carpet

A post shared by Miquela (@lilmiquela) on

2. Miquela enjoys In-N-Out with YouTuber Dez Machado:

3. Miquela stays at The Ace Hotel during a visit to New York City:

4. Miquela braves Hollywood Horror Nights, Universal Studios annual Halloween attraction:

5. Miquela wears Off-White:

6. In joint celebration of #NationalSelfieDay and Pride Month, Miquela posts a selfie inside famous gay bar, The Stonewall Inn:

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We all know my heart belongs to LA, but polyamory is a thing so that means I’m also allowed to have a crush on NYC ok 😹🗽 The story of Stonewall Inn is one big reason why I love this place. Nowadays in a lot of cities it’s not too hard to find a cute gay bar or queer party, but back in 1969, there weren’t a lot of places where LGBTQIA+ folks could express themselves how they wanted and hang out with each other without str8/cis ppl being all annoying and judgy (or worse). In the early morning hours of June 28, police raided the Inn bc homophobia/transphobia/racism, and things escalated after the police started to, well, do the things cops do 🙅🏻‍♀😒 BUT despite the chaos and danger the crowd fought back!! And drove the police away. This was a defining moment in the history of LGBTQIA+ rights 💪🏿💪🏾💪🏽💪🏼💪🏻💪 On that day and during later riots, it was black trans women like Marsha P. Johnson (RIP) who led the fight to reclaim space for gay, queer, and trans folks of all origins and walks of life ~ which is still true today. Being at Stonewall was humbling to say the least, and as I learn more about who I am and who I like to love, I’m immensely grateful for the brave folks at Stonewall and 💫ESPECIALLY💫 to black trans women ~ because of their bravery I’m able to feel safe being who I am today 🌈💖 and I guess it’s #NationalSelfieDay but MORE importantly it’s ~ and I cannot stress this enough ~ #PRIDEMONTH so here I am being who I am xx Miquela

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7. Miquela sports a Carhart pullover on a visit to The Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles:

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Having a MOCA moment

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8. Miquela celebrates Leap Day with a visit to the popular red-light district of Pigalle Paris:

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Every time I'm in a new city, I try to see some art.

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9. Miquela shows support at the premiere of Travis Scott’s Netflix documentary, Look Mom I Can Fly:

10. Miquela pairs a Nike shirt with a Gucci blazer:

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"Do you have some sort of business woman's special?"

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11. A multitasking Miquela applies makeup while on chat site Omegle:

12. Miquela shows off her custom manicure from aquarium-inspired salon Sojinails:

13. Miquela takes a selfie in a Depop art installation:

14. Miquela poses with Bermuda behind her pal’s Mercedes G Wagon:

15. Miquela posts a Planned Parenthood billboard advocating for safe and legal abortions:

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#keepabortionsafeandlegal 🗣🗣🗣

A post shared by Miquela (@lilmiquela) on

16. Miquela eats a bag of Takis:

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Add #SpeakUp to your quarantine playlist 👽

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17. Miquela uses a Samsung Galaxy to take a selfie while supporting #kitstokickcancer:

18. Miquela poses with musician Yuna while attending Camp Flog Gnaw Festival:

19. Miquela spent time regrouping at the meditation center Five Sense Collection:

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I’m bored wyd?

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20. Miquela attends Yayoi Kusama’s Infinity Lights exhibit at the David Zwirner art gallery:

21. Miquela sports a Tommy Hilfiger jacket in a candid shot:

22. Miquela uses her Macbook to binge movies on a lazy day:

23. Miquela wears Richard Quinn to the British Fashion Council’s Fashion Awards:

24. Miquela holds a Rosalia record at the world’s largest independent record store, Amoeba Hollywood:

25. Miquela sips her morning coffee while lounging in Supreme boxers:

26. Miquela reads Patti Smith’s memoir Just Kids:

27. Miquela does brunch at Botanica Restaurant & Market in Los Angeles:

28. Miquela looks around the 3D Double Vision exhibit at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art:

29. Miquela flaunts one of her many Teflar Global bags during a visit to the Ooga Booga Store:

30. Miquela washes down her Hot Cheetos with an orange Jarritos:

31. Miquela dines with friends at L.A. bar and restaurant, Marvin:

32. Miquela shows off her pottery-making skills during a class at LA-based studio, POT:

33. Miquela poses with spicy Korean tofu from BCD Tofu House:

34. Miquela cosplays as Tina Turner in Mad Max Beyond at Comic Con ’19 in San Diego:

35. Miquela attends the Givenchy show at Fashion Week 2020:

36. Miquela and singer Omar Apollo celebrate National Ice Cream Day with a visit to Scoops:

37. Miquela poses in a Dior shirt:

38. Miquela takes an iPhone selfie, marking an end to her long-standing Samsung partnership:

39. Miquela plays an M-Audio keyboard on a roof:

40. Miquela poses poolside in a Calvin Klein swimsuit:

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