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Yo! I'm #Zentreya, The Cyber Punk

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March 31, 2017

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Zentreya, also known as the Red Devil, is a prominent VTuber and member of VShojo. With her commanding presence and reputation as the leader of the powerful Anti-Lewd Army, she exudes a violent and conniving persona. However, beneath her cold exterior lies a warm-hearted individual. Zentreya engages in sassy banter with her community, often indulging in playful trolling and comebacks during her streams. While she portrays a somewhat virtuous image during her risqué streams, she displays more openness and indulgence towards her community off-stream. Her current cyborg form features a striking red cyberpunk body suit with black and mint green armor, a black jacket, and helmet. Zentreya's previous forms include that of a red dragon and a human with a black overcoat and red tie. She is well-known for streaming VRChat content and playing games like DOOM Eternal, Dead by Daylight, and Cuphead. Throughout her career, Zentreya has experienced various transformations and rebrandings, solidifying her position as a prominent figure in the VTuber community.