irtualHumans.org has been dedicated to tracking and understanding the evolving landscape of virtual influencers since its inception in 2018. It's clear that the industry isn't just growing—it's diversifying. To reflect this changing dynamic, we are proud to announce a significant expansion of our coverage with the addition of a new section focused on VTubers.

Our initial journey was sparked by a need to correct a lopsided perspective that focused heavily on a handful of virtual influencers such as Lil Miquela, Bermuda, and others. We saw a broader world, filled with innovative creators who were developing new virtual personalities and deserved attention. This led us to curate a comprehensive database that included a much wider range of virtual influencers.

Continuing in this vein, we are now incorporating VTubers into our platform. We are launching this new section with a substantial initial catalog of 307 VTubers.

But why are we making this move after so little coverage in the past? What is the rationale for including VTubers in addition to virtual influencers?

Expanding the Virtual Landscape

VTubers, short for Virtual YouTubers, are digital avatars used by online content creators. They have made significant inroads into global internet culture and have several distinguishing features that warrant their inclusion:

  1. Increasing Influence: VTubers, originating in Japan, have gained worldwide popularity. They command large audiences across multiple platforms now much larger than the virtual influencer landscape, making them a noteworthy addition to the digital persona ecosystem.
  2. Distinct Content Styles: VTubers primarily operate in real-time video formats such as live streaming, a growing avenue for digital expression. This creates a more interactive experience, diversifying the type of content produced within the virtual persona space.
  3. Technological Progress: The advent and growth of VTubers reflect advancements in AI and real-time animation technologies. Including VTubers in our coverage allows us to track and analyze these tech trends effectively.
  4. Commercial Opportunities: VTubers present new potential partnerships and revenue avenues for brands and creators, similar to their virtual influencer counterparts. Covering VTubers will provide valuable market insights for those interested in this sector.

Our aim at VirtualHumans.org is to provide comprehensive and accurate coverage of the ever-evolving virtual persona industry. Incorporating VTubers into our platform aligns with this goal, recognizing the diversity and dynamism of the virtual space.

We invite you to explore the profiles of the first 307 VTubers we're featuring in our new section: VirtualHumans.org/vtubers.

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