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January 15, 2019

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Yuzuki Roa is a 13-year-old demon from the underworld who found her way to Earth to play pranks on humans. However, her kind-hearted nature often leads her to help people in need, even though she intends to cause mischief. Affiliated with Nijisanji, Roa is a female Japanese VTuber known for her child-like voice and her enthusiasm when talking about her favorite topics, such as the game Splatoon. She shares a close friendship with fellow Nijisanji members Belmond Banderas and Ars Almal, frequently collaborating with them. Roa's popular gesture of thanking fans with a wink when receiving donations has endeared her to her audience. Her Twitter background still features a photo of her with her close friend Kudou Chitose, who retired. Despite her mischievous nature, Roa's warm personality and playful spirit make her a beloved virtual influencer.