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October 12, 2022

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Yurikago Kokone is a female VTuber associated with V&U's 1st Generation "Symphoria" alongside Liora Walkyria, Penelope Wiseman, Etherna Celine, and Etherna Helen. Known as "The Goddess of Dreams," Kokone has descended to Earth to grant humans a peaceful night's rest. Despite her dedication to her divine duties, she often finds herself staying up late playing games and oversleeping. Yurikago Kokone's YouTube channel was created in October 2022, and she made her debut on November 4th of the same year. She is accompanied by her assistant, a Baku named "Mimir," who devours nightmares. Kokone's fanbase, known as "Kokonuts," admires her love for spicy foods, coffee, drawing, reading, horror, and tabletop role-playing games. With a range of favorite game genres like survival craft, puzzle, rhythm, gacha, and RPG, Kokone aims to bring sweet dreams to everyone, improve her singing skills, learn Korean, create a TTRPG campaign with Symphoria, and even become an SSR character in a gacha game. Additionally, she has collaborated with her genmate Liora Walkyria on a cover song and has a mysterious presence in Symphoria's 2022 Halloween merch.