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January 31, 2018

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Yuki Chihiro is a 10-year-old magical girl and primary school student who transforms into her 18-year-old and male forms through the power of her magic. As a member of Nijisanji's first generation, she captivates her fans with her cheerful and fun-loving personality. Despite her self-proclaimed introverted nature, Chihiro strives to connect with her viewers and takes her work seriously. She is renowned for her endurance in streaming, especially during her intense sessions of playing Apex Legends, where she has participated in tournaments and displayed her leadership skills. Chihiro's journey as a VTuber began in 2018, and she has since gained a dedicated following, reaching significant milestones in her subscriber count. Her fans, known as "Niinii" and "Neenee," adore her and enjoy her greetings such as "Yahoo," "Konbanchii," and "Otsuchii." With her various forms, gaming prowess, and warm-hearted nature, Yuki Chihiro has carved a special place for herself in the virtual influencer world.