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March 29, 2022

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Utsugi Uyu, a male Japanese VTuber, is a member of the Holostarsunit UPROAR!! alongside Yatogami Fuma, Hizaki Gamma, and Minase Rio. Uyu is a phantom thief with an obsession for beauty and believes that there are treasures only an idol can obtain. He aspires to become an idol to acquire these treasures. Uyu debuted in 2022 and has gained a growing fanbase. He is known for his coffee shop during the day and his phantom thief activities at night. Uyu is accompanied by his talking pigeon pet named ジャコ (Jyako). With his intriguing background and unique personality, Utsugi Uyu has captivated fans and established his presence as a virtual influencer in the VTuber community.