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January 31, 2018

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Tsukino Mito is a charismatic and multi-talented virtual influencer hailing from Japan. As a prominent member of Nijisanji's first generation of Livers, she has garnered a substantial following on various platforms, including YouTube and Twitter. Known for her tsundere personality as the self-proclaimed class president, Mito navigates her virtual world with a mix of seriousness and humor. Despite her prestigious title as the 'Nijisanji Queen' and her instrumental role in establishing Nijisanji as a prominent VTuber company in Japan, Mito surprises her fans with her love for kusoge games, unconventional movie choices, and hilarious anecdotes from her everyday life. Her streams often take unexpected turns, turning even innocent activities like playing Animal Crossing into captivating soap operas. Mito's unique brand of humor, coupled with her request for lewd fanart and Ero Manga, adds a surreal and playful touch to her content. With her eye-catching fashion sense and surreal sense of humor, Tsukino Mito has become a beloved figure in the virtual influencer landscape.