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July 9, 2017

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Tokino Sora, also known as Sky of Time, is a prominent Japanese VTuber and a founding member of Hololive. Having debuted as a solo VTuber before the establishment of generations, she is currently part of the "Hololive 0th gen" alongside other solo debutants. With her cheerful and comforting personality, Sora has earned the endearing nickname "Tokino Sora Mama!" due to her motherly demeanor. While she embodies the image of a "proper" idol, Sora is admired for her genuine and down-to-earth nature, which sets her apart from the mayhem and mischief caused by some of her fellow Hololive members. Sora is an avid fan of horror games and singing, and she has always dreamed of performing at Yokohama Arena. Her passion for rhythm and sound is evident in her precise dancing and impressive vocal performances, showcased through various covers and collaborations with fellow VTubers. Sora's talent and authenticity have earned her a record deal and a devoted following.