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鷹嶺ルイ 🥀Hololive 6th Gen.✖️holoX Nice to meet you✨ よく使ってるものや日常を投稿していくよ♡

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November 27, 2021

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Takane Lui, a female Japanese VTuber associated with Hololive, debuted as part of its sixth generation under the name of "Secret Society holoX" alongside La+ Darknesss, Hakui Koyori, Sakamata Chloe, and Kazama Iroha. Lui is the executive officer of Secret Society holoX and the de facto leader of the group, handling external affairs on behalf of the founder. While initially appearing aloof and standoffish, Lui is a compassionate person who cares deeply for her subordinates. She has a "big sister" personality, often taking on the role of reining in the chaos caused by her genmates. Lui actively tries to connect with overseas Hololive members and fans, demonstrating her dedication to building international relationships. With a fondness for dad jokes and a tendency to get easily scared, Lui's streams offer a mix of humor and unexpected moments. She is known for her love of spicy food, pickles, and red wine, as well as her passion for games like Final Fantasy and Ace Attorney. Takane Lui brings a unique charm to the virtual influencer landscape and continues to engage fans through her content and interactions.