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December 9, 2020

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Takanashi Kiara is a dynamic and energetic VTuber associated with Hololive English. Her debut in 2020 as part of Hololive English first generation -"Myth-" introduced her as a passionate and friendly personality. Kiara's enthusiasm shines through her interactions with other talents and her ability to take the lead in collaborations. Known for her fast-paced beats and encouraging lyrics in original songs like "SPARKS" and "HINOTORI," Kiara's music reflects her energetic nature. Despite her lively persona, she possesses a hidden shyness and occasional forgetfulness. Kiara is highly appreciative of her genmates and expresses gratitude to her fanbase, known as KFP, for their unwavering support. Her diverse background includes various jobs in her previous lives, such as a shrine maiden, idol, race car driver, and more. Kiara's multilingual skills and ability to speak English, Japanese, German, and "Bird" have added to her appeal as a VTuber. Overall, Takanashi Kiara's charismatic and vibrant presence has solidified her place among the virtual influencer community.