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February 26, 2021

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Mukeki Suri is a Vietnamese female VTuber who debuted in April 2021. She possesses the ability to speak Vietnamese, English, and a bit of Japanese. Suri's intriguing backstory involves being split into two entities upon reincarnation in another world: the water-type slime, Suri, and the electric-type slime, Irus. Irus, a former king of a prosperous kingdom, was sealed away by jealous individuals who feared her power. After 300 years of slumber, Irus awakens to discover that she has lost her powers. In her quest to regain her strength, Irus learns that she must kill Suri's version of herself in this world. However, after meeting Suri, they realize that the mage who sealed Irus away must be defeated for her to regain her abilities. The unlikely pair becomes friends and embarks on a journey to find the magician and the believer who harmed Irus. With a history of model reveals, birthdays, and milestones, Suri has gained a dedicated fan base, lovingly called "Slayers." Suri's interests include drinking tea, eating cake, playing games, and taking pictures, while her dislikes range from cockroaches to hot weather.