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July 30, 2020

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Suo Sango, a Japanese VTuber affiliated with Nijisanji, captivates her audience with her naturally calming presence. Since her debut in August 2020 as part of the "Selene Girls' Academy Drama Club," Sango has garnered a loyal fanbase known as "Fango." With her calm personality and soft voice, Sango enchants viewers, particularly when discussing Sanrio or anything cute. She has reached numerous milestones on her YouTube channel, amassing a growing number of subscribers, including winning the GRAPHT Award for Game Streamers in 2022. Sango's popularity extends beyond the virtual world, as evidenced by her collaboration with Shima Spain Village, which resulted in a significant increase in park ticket and churros sales. With her soothing presence and love for all things adorable, Suo Sango continues to make a name for herself as a prominent figure in the virtual influencer community.