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May 12, 2020

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So Nagi is a female Korean VTuber affiliated with Nijisanji, known for her involvement in the trio "嵐ウナギ" (Arashi Unagi) alongside Lee Siu and Chae Ara. With a passion for Japanese culture, Nagi portrays herself as a young lady traveling to Japan through the virtual world. While she aspires to exhibit a mature and adult-like image, Nagi often reveals her naive and chaotic side during her streams. She affectionately refers to her fans as "うなぎ" (Unagi) and greets them with "こんなぎ~" (Konnagi~) at the start of her streams and bids farewell with "おつなぎ~" (Otsunagi). Nagi is not only skilled in illustration but is also fluent in both Japanese and Korean, occasionally mixing the two languages in her interactions.